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10 Tips for Choosing Replacement Windows and Doors

If you’re thinking of improving your home, here are our top 10 tips for changing your glazing.

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Different homes need different window treatments: leaded panes look out of place on a very modern home, for example. Think about your property and what style would best suit it and you.


What job does the window do in that room? Does it let light in or give a great view – or do you want privacy? The answer to these questions will steer you as to which type of window to choose. Toughened glass may be needed in certain locations.

Not All White

Even UPVC frames come in different colours, but whichever style of frame you choose you will want to think about their colour and that of the mullions, as this all have a big impact on the final look.

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Paint or Varnish

If you choose wooden frames, then you will need to consider how to treat the wood; this gives you a range of paint and varnish options to choose from to personalise your home.

Fresh Air

Not all windows open, so consider whether that part of the room needs ventilation or not. It’s wise to give yourself options – small panes that can give a light breeze or fully opening panes for the height of summer.

What’s on the Inside

Some styles of windows can look different inside and out – perhaps metal outside and wood on the interior. Even if you choose plain PVC, think about how the window will add to the look of the room.

Here Comes the Sun

Consider which direction the window is facing. Will it have full sun all day? Any reliable window fitter such as, who have a proven track record of installing windows and doors in Dublin, will be happy to give advice.


Sash windows are the traditional kind in which panes slide up and down, but there are more modern options, including hinged, double hung and awning which give more versatility.

Feature Windows

If your home has a great view, then consider a picture window or adding a bay to make the most of your environment.

Lastly, don’t forget to include your windows in your renovation budget. Regular maintenance is necessary, and replacing cracked or worn units can make a real difference to a room.