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How Plus Size Men’s Fashion Is Becoming More Mainstream

For a long time, men who wear bigger sizes had trouble finding attire that fit whilst allowing them to follow fashion and keep up with the latest trends.

Recently, however, that tide is turning and the “big and tall” guys are finally beginning to see fashionable styles in their size become more readily available thanks to some new brands spotting a gap in the market.


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Step Change

So marked is the change that there is now a “Full Figured Fashion Week,” demonstrating just how seriously the industry is taking this untapped segment of the market. The event is dedicated to showcasing the very latest trends in men’s clothing on a runway like other fashion shows but modelled in larger sizes.

The event saw MVP Collections step up as main sponsors. They are a designer range of clothing for the larger gentleman created by All Star baseball hero Mo Vaughn and his managing partner, Diane Cutuli. Other brands showing off their latest collections included Brandon Kyle and SOS Denim, both popular with audiences. The designer behind the denim showcase was the son of Eyani Couture’s owner/designer, Sakinah B. Not that remarkable, you might think, until you discover he is just 11 years old.

As with all fashion, there are the big names that exhibit at the shows and then the brand names that interpret the trends to give the general public something similar that they can actually afford to buy.

Brands like Farah make the trends accessible. You can buy mens Farah shirts and other big brands from specialist online retailers like


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Big Business

Basketball players will certainly be a target market once the advertising kicks in. Professional players might be able to afford to have clothes custom-made, but for Joe Public playing in his local league, this new development in the world of fashion will undoubtedly be welcome.

For more information on how the men’s plus size market is growing in the UK, see what Drapers has to say on the matter.

Demand is set to be high and continue to grow, so expect to see increasing numbers of new brands launching into the market and how they promote their USPs once competition grows.

Will ethics also become big news in this industry?