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EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Get Maximum Functionality With Two Search Modes

Data recovery software are the saviour of many of today’s time, where people are constantly losing their precious data. Today, data is majorly being stored in digital format, where it can be extremely fragile. A few clicks can make it go missing and certain technical issues may also render it inaccessible. At such times, recovery software such as the EaseUS data recovery software can assist the users.

EaseUS data recovery software is a data recovery software, which has been critically acclaimed by many. Owning to its simplified tools and exceptional interface, the software is much liked by its customer. It has been one of the leading recovery software of current times. The software brings forth productivity with efficient and effective features, which can easily be utilized by anyone.

Types of Files to Recover

The software allows the user to recover a number of file including documents, music, email, compressed, video ,recycle bin recoveryetc. It is also able to recover permanently deleted files, or files, which are inaccessible due to certain conditions such as hard drive crash, OS crash, lost partitions, virus attacks, hard drive corruption, crashed disks, malware, formatted disk etc.

The file recovery software makes sue of a simplified interface, which can easily be operated by anyone, ranging from a beginner to a tech expert. It provides tools that are flexible and productive in nature, and offer maximum functionality. The interface is easy to navigate, and is nice on the eyes. Everything is available right in front of the screen, and all the functions are readily available. Most of the process is automated to make the searching process easier.
The software uses two different scanning mode in order to recover files. These are as follows:

  • Quick Scan Mode

The quick scan mode is a fast and reliable mode, which quickly scans the disk for data remnants of file which were lost in the recent past. It finds all the remnants, and with the help of them, reconstructs the files, which had previously been permanently deleted.

  • Deep Scan Mode

Deep scan mode is a slower scanning mode, with more advanced capabilities. It scans over the hidden and inaccessible files that the quick scan mode skipped, and also searches for all remnants left behind by deleted files. It is much slower than the initial mode, but offers better number of results.

Both scan modes display their own set of results once after the scanning is finished. Once the quick scan mode is finished, you can choose to recover the files from the results or continue with the deep scan mode. The deep scan mode can also be cancelled here, if you do not wish to continue with it.

Once all the results are retrieved, the user can choose to recover the files with a single click. Multiple files can also be recovered at the same time. Other features of the free data recovery software include the ability to import and export results, so that you do not have to search again and again. With this software, users do not have to worry files deleted during partition recovery or files that had been permanently lost.