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Who really owns Fenty Beauty?

It’s assumed that Rihanna owns Fenty Beauty. She’s the face of the product and it’s named after her but, is it possible that Rihanna doesn’t 100% own her make up line? We never even questioned […]

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Sexual Liberation vs Hoe

It becomes painfully more and more obvious everyday that people do not understand the definition of “hoe”. At one point this demeaning negative term at least held some value; today it is used as a catch all to describe, usually women, that have questionable sexual behaviors. Recall when Spike Lee’s: She’s Gotta Have It aired on Netflix last year and Twitter think pieces popped up everywhere. Women took to the social media channels to defend Nola Darling while men called her the popular three letter word. And to be fair, there we many occasions where men defended and women name called. Let’s clear this up: Nola Darling was a Sexually Liberated (and quite frankly, a life liberalist) woman.