You Cool with Your Girl Making More than You?

In 2017,  87% of American households are dual income homes. In some cases it’s almost mandatory that all able workers in the home provide some type of income to ensure survival. In other cases, adults within the household choose to work as thats the basis for how we determine societal value and live out our dreams. So here’s the question, does it matter if the head of household woman makes more money than the head of household man?

Many liberals will say, “of course it doesn’t matter, you should be secure in either scenario” but, historically this topic has mattered. took to black twitter to understand what is the real.


According to our poll, a large 87% of men are comfortable with dating someone who makes more money than them. Of the 87%, 15% of voters actually claim to prefer this arrangement. The data point is interesting when you layer on top of the female perspective.


Per this poll, 23% of women will not tolerate dating a man that makes less than them. 60% state that they can be comfortable in this space and see no issues. The last 17% is what I find interesting. This group is representative of women who are not comfortable with the situation but will still accept if this is their circumstance.

Comparatively, 87% of men and 60% of women are comfortable. Though there is some alignment here what is telling is the group of men who “prefer” and the group of women who “put up with” this situation. If you were to pair this group in a household you could understand why they would have pervasive problems.

Here’s my favorite position, a man who was transparent about his selection:



In my opinion, this is the real perspective. Per other research components (for example What Motivates Men to Succeed or Types of Men that are Attractive to Women), the narrative is that men highly prefer to support their partner as this is what is perceived as traditional.

Don’t let me make the final verdict. What do you think?