Workout Essentials

Open the favorites tab on your social media app right now. Nine-times-out-of-nine, there’s a workout video loop starring an “influencer” covering a way too complicated workout series. And though these videos are appealing to watch, and maybe even incorporate, sometimes they are doing much. Obtaining your body goals should be simple so, here’s a curated list of bare essential workouts to build a stronger, more robust suite of lower body muscles.

Three minimum workout to build a stronger lower body

Thrusters It is basically an advanced and more effective version of the bridge exercise. The hip thrust exercise targets the glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and lower back muscles. The barbell hip thrust is an advanced level glute exercise. For beginners or less intense version, try bodyweight hip thrusters.

Flute + Kickbacks For toning and shaping. This workout is very common and simple to do no matter where you are. It’s aims to round out your glutes and tone quads and hams. To up the intensity, try these standing.

Jump Squat Many of the most effective workouts involve simple bodyweight motion, like a jump for example. In this compound workout, combine the jump squat with a full squat to target the suite of lower body muscles.