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Workforce Management Software Features

Workforce management software is a modern management tool that helps organizations or business entities to plan, supervise, and monitor the work of employees. Equally the software helps in managing paid time offs, schedules, and labor requirements. 

The software has in-built features that make it possible for users to optimize workforce efforts. Basically, business entities use the software to forecast possible labor demand, schedule task to employees, monitor employee attendance and generate a comprehensive report on the level of efficiency within the workforce.

Features and Functions of Workforce Management Software.

The software has been designed to provide comprehensive solutions to modern workforce. Below is an appraisal of the functions and features of workforce management software.  

  1. Reports And Forecast.

The software has an integrated report builder that allows to create as many reports as possible that could be relevant to your company or any other business entity. The in-built reporting feature has a highly efficient reporting site that will let you extract and retrieve meaningful information that is relevant to your company. With reports and forecasting feature you can be able to:

  • Project and forecast- You can construct or simulate different business scenarios as well as create ghost bookings so as to be able to foresee the possible impacts the projections would have on your business. 
  • Build a business report- the easy to use tool covering all the relevant corporate fields and metrics makes it possible for you to build and extract comprehensive business reports.
  • Share the reports – you can share the generated reports by exporting them to MS-Excel.
  1. Skill Management.

Being in a position to track the skills of your employee is one of the most important business aspects. In the light of this, you can tap into skill pool of your employees especially in scheduling processes. Skill management feature is built to allow the following functions:

  • Flexibility in skill planning – The inherent skill template let you build your desired skill structure or link to an existing Human Resource system.
  • Best fit – You can easily and conveniently narrow down a list of personnel so as to establish the best-fit persons for a particular project.  Some of the aspects that the best-fit feature takes into consideration include the level of experience, technical ability, language among others.
  • Close gaps – Address skill gaps and monitor shortages through hiring or training.
  1. Workflow.

Workforce Management Software lets you build a detailed and most effective team based on the skill set of the employees. Under the workflow feature you can establish the following tasks:

  • Collaboration – it has a centralized point that makes collaboration possible in a typical business enterprise that may have various teams spread within the multiple business units.
  • Control – You can perform a comprehensive review in regards to staffing proposals before creating and approving bookings.

Other management functions that the software can perform include:

  • Enhancing workforce efficiency.
  • Build a better plan especially for employee management.
  • Enhance real-time forecast and visibility for quick decision making.