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Wood Fired Pizza Oven: This Is What You Need To Make Perfect Pizzas


Wood  fired pizza ovens are authentic and easy-to-use devices for baking everything from perfect pizzas to roasted meats and fresh focaccias. These small ovens are often made of clay, are cost effective, and easy to install. For the most part, the highest quality wood ovens are handcrafted in Italy by artisans who pay careful attention to the details. Their interest is in your lifelong enjoyment and the satisfaction of creating a utensil that will allow you to create gourmet meals in minutes, not hours.wood fire oven

Wood pizza ovens are exquisitely simple in design, yet highly effective. Most wood fired ovens are made of refractory clay, suitable for intense heat. They set up instantly, as there is no frame involved; only a dome, a cooking floor fitted inside the dome wall, a door, and vent are required. It’s that simple. So, there is little to no time required to learn how to use the oven. They heat quickly, you input your pizza, and 90 minutes later, enjoy a scrumptious meal set for a king. The Italian wood-fired oven cooking will immediately make you the envy of neighbors, and the convenience of it can rival any gas or charcoal grill on the market. The difference is the lack of cleaning involved afterwards. Any leftover grease will burn in the oven, so at the end of the day, you have time to spend with family and friends. In fact, quality wood pizza ovens combine the best features of the outdoor grill and the indoor rotisserie into one compact and resilient tool.

In a wood  fired pizza oven, the heat can rise to 800ᵒ F or as low as 300ᵒ F to cook a delicious pizza in just 90 seconds. The embers from the wood are set ablaze and then left to die down until the appropriate temperature is reached inside. However, at even lower temperatures, larger meals and meats can also be cooked for hours or even all day to tender perfection. You can set them and literally forget them, but remember that the temperature is key. It needs to subside substantially in order to cook bread. Yet, this is all possible simply by spreading out the heat or shifting the embers inside, as one would with a traditional charcoal grill. Some ancient cultures, as well as contemporary consumers, rely on their ovens for drying fruit and roasting everything from vegetables to nuts. So, the wood pizza oven becomes a multifaceted and economical cooker.

A well-insulated dome will allow heat to be absorbed inside the dome and then radiate back out. This process allows you to cook for hours at a time without any preparations or cleaning afterwards. It’s a primitive idea and basic instrument totally modernized in design for rushed families on the go. Truly, wood fired ovens will continually meet the epicurean needs of most modern cooks and families who crave comfort foods but lack the energy to devote to baking them.

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