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wltoys v912 & Helicopters

The topic today is approximately the Helicopters, WLtoys V912 Sky Dancer 4CH RC helicopters, which really is a rep of WLtoys v912. This helicopter has gained good sales and good reputations, welcomed by many people, specifically RC lovers.

Now, let’s see what this helicopter is really like and what it is with the capacity of, allowing you to realize why it is so famous and popular.

Famous brand product

WLtoys is a famous make of RC toys and games, which always makes good products. It made a decent showing with regards to on this V912, and chose ringer rotor cerebrum outline for greatest soundness, and remunerate dexterity with intense rotors and long travel servos on a solid metal frame. This helicopter obtains remarkable stability, ideal for outdoors.

Outstanding features

Wltoys V912 is 52cm long, 8.5cm in width and 15.5cn in height. How big is this helicopter is the little size which is about how big is a key pad. It has bulkier blades and longer flybar to increase balance, which makes the helicopter steady and wind resistant.

In spite of the fact that ringer rotor head helicopters are not new available, WLtoys essentially refines them. It found the weakness of the design and does some improvements, such as long travel servo to increase agility, tail spur gears for better rudder control and long flybar for better steadiness. This WLtoys V912 Sky Dancer 4CH RC helicopter is really excellent, capable of doing great job.

Solitary rotor helicotper is not easy for beginner because it is too agile. To maek it better to travel, people change the substitute of the flybar from 90 level to 45 level, making the helicopter 1 / 2 agile than before. This flybar of the helicopter is 45 degree from the primary cutting tool, 50 percent less agile than normal 90 degree flybar helicopter. Less aggressive keeping flybar ends up with slower helicopter movements. Substantial weight on each end of the flybar, when the flybar turns it, turns into a motorized gyro to make helicopter stable. It is apparent that bell rotor mind helicopter is ideal for beginner.

Flying outdoor

This helicopter is perfect for park traveling. With light air flow, this helicopter can take a flight beautifully. Since it is durable for beginner, this helicopter is alway funnier to take flight outdoor.

Powered by chargeable 7.4V 850mAh electric battery, this helicopter can soar about 8 minutes, with about 100 meters handling distance. With enough power supply, this helicopter may bring you great journey fun.

Various activities and movements can be done by this helicopter,such as growing, falling, flying frontward and backward, turning still left and right, 360 level left side flying, and even hovering. It is possible to enjoy the interesting and funny airfare happily.

Warm tips

It is warmly reminded that if you curently have the old Wltoys V912, but want to achieve the function of taking photos, you can purchase V912-16PRO receiver mother board, V912-24PRO bottom, videography function extension cable. Except that, the new V912 with photography function must bind with new WLtoys V912 transmitter. When you have already owned upgraded version of the V912 as well consequently accessories as camera , bubbles, drinking water jet, missiles, hanging baskets which can be applied to V959 or V222, then you merely need to buy an extension cord, because if these accessories are being used in the upgraded version of the V912, the lines will never be long enough.


  • 1 x WLtoys Large Solitary Blades RC Helicopter With Gyro
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x 7.4V 850mAh Battery
  • 1 x Charger

In short, following the discussion, it is straightforward to conclude that WLtoys V912 Sky Dancer 4CH RC helicopter is absolutely outstanding and exceptional, able to bring you interesting and funny airline flight. This helicopter is very amazing and attractive.