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Will You Be My Bridesmaid? -Bridesmaid Proposal

Okay. You got the engagement ring you are long dreaming of. Your heart is definitely filled with joy and cannot wait for the final moment when you will be walking down the aisle dressed in white long gorgeous gown towards the man of your dreams. Wait! Do not forget to invite the closest friends and family members you have. Remember memories are always best when shared.

Inviting your closest friends or family members to stand up and walk with you on that big day should be made as elaborate as possible just like your engagement proposal. Becoming a bridesmaid is way beyond wearing v-neck bridesmaid dresses. It can be a huge financial and time commitment to it is somehow important to show your gorgeous girl friends how much you appreciate their help and how much that and they themselves mean to you.


Ways to ask ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’?

Will you get a sweet YES just like what you have given to the man of your dreams? Well, you only need to be a bit creative, thoughtful and sincere to make your bridesmaid proposal a huge success.

Here are some ways you might consider when asking your friend to be your bridesmaid:

  1. Send her not just a common gorgeous card but something that she will definitely literally die over.
  2. Present her with some exquisite pearl necklace.
  3. Place ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ and other sweet words through colourful stamped macarons.
  4. Stick a customized label with her and your face on her favorite bottle of wine.
  5. Present her a customized jigsaw puzzle with your sweet request.
  6. Give her a vintage-inspired handkerchief.
  7. Pack a survival kit for a bridesmaid.
  8. Give her a beautiful heirloom locket.
  9. Give her a sweet cupcake in a beautiful jar labelled with ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’
  10. Make a DIY Style.

There are countless ways to make her say YES. Well, a true friend will never say No to a bridesmaid proposal. Nevertheless, you also need to make some efforts to make the proposal as memorable as when your future groom has proposed to you. The mentioned ways, are in fact, too little and you still can make that more creative and elaborate. With anything you intend to give, it always become much more special when you give some personalised touch into it.

Aside from material gifts, you can also consider outside-the-box bridesmaid ideas like a service-oriented gift. Give your bridesmaid a free day to pamper herself at a spa or at the beauty salon. It may be quite expensive but is sure worth it. You can also consider getting gift certificates.

Searching for bridesmaid gifts to be used for bridesmaid proposal can now be a breeze as numerous gift ideas and items can already be purchased online. When looking for a perfect item to be used on your bridesmaid proposal, it helps to choose something that you know your prospect bridesmaid love. Choosing the items they like will make them feel valued and will definitely say YES to the proposal.

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