Will #BlackTwitter give Bow Wow his props if he drops a fire album?

I wonder sometimes why I refuse to call him Shad Moss. Maybe it’s my innate ability to over romanticize nostalgia or purely for the fact the first bow I ever acknowledged was wow. September 26th of the year 2000 would not only be the beginning fall of my first years of middle school but would be the release date of Beware of Dog and the soundtrack to my adolescence.


Being 13 years old and blaring songs called Puppy Love would turn out not to be that coincidental but what would be coined 18 years later as “Gods Plan”.

Why the lifetime achievement award intro you ask?

I8 years after the turn of the millennium the man, arguably the most responsible for the signing and success of every male hip hop teenage act since( Especially those with the name “lil”), will release his 7th and possibly most important album since his debut. And I say this with all pun intended: This could be Bow Wow’s Biggest Challenge yet.

You couldn’t necessarily tell that by the hype. Mr. Moss surely made a name for himself But, now what people tend to think when they hear that name is a different story. And not that Shad Moss hasn’t done some questionable actions over the last few years as he attempted and successfully stayed relevant. We can all admit that a lot can happen in 18 years. 

Where along the timeline did the young prince of hip hop fall out of the good graces of the people is hard to say…

For some it could be his departure from Jermaine Dupri? Or the break up with then R&B princess Ciara? Perhaps, dropping the Lil from his name? Maybe the addition of tattoos and Parental advisory to his music? Omarion? Chris? The hosting of 106 & Park? 

(Sidebar and a moment of truth: can we just admit we weren’t accepting of anyone that wasn’t AJ or Free? Even Terrance J had to grow on us and even then still couldn’t hold a candle to the former hosts.) 

Anyway… some where between puberty and posting pictures of private jets something takes place. Here we are in 2018, rappers with the name lil have re-emerged in great fashion (Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi to name a few). The necessity to be a lyricist or gangsta or even “real” has found success yet again. 

But is it too late? Is the culture open to give an honest listen to a Bow Wow album right now? Would we admit it was good if it was? In a time where your rapport is low and album sales and 106 & Park #1 slots don’t exist anymore how does one gain momentum?Can he reach Top 40 again? Could he somehow find a way to walk the same line that possibly separates the Coles & Pumps? 

A stan can only hope…

After a never heard before Cash Money album that said to feature everybody from Chris Brown to Talib Kweli and a Dj Drama hosted Greenlight 6 that was promoted to release May 21 and still has not seen light of the day our final attempt at greatness is the yet to be dated 7th album “Edicius” which is suicide spelled backwards. Let that sink in.

Whether or not this album changes anything within the game or his legacy, it shall be refreshing to just hear something new. Maybe my desire for Bow to win is somewhat rooted in the fact that if it’s successful it could possibly spawn a Scream Reunion Tour where I can get a 2nd chance to ask my school crush to a Bow Wow concert. Maybe.

With all the facts and history of an undoubtable hip hop music icon, will Black Twitter let Shad Moss have a win in 2018? Can we ignore the social media shenanigans for the opportunity to enjoy good music?

We’ll see. In the meantime, we wait.