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Why tote bags are popular in India?

Indian women are fast absorbing the latest fashion trends as soon as they hit the globe. We are gradually becoming one of the largest fashion accessories market. The demand is rising each day with new and improved designs, textures and hues. Why then, when it comes to the most important fashion element, we areleft behind?

Bags have always been associated with women. Tote bag have become the go-to carriages for us since the time we became more accepting of the fact that it is pretty convenient to carry all things in a bag than have it handheld. Women of the Indian subcontinent are absorbing the trend with much ease and panache. So be it our regular makeup kits or for the mothers who need to carry the newborns’ stuff around, a tote caters to the needs of women of all ages.Image result for Why tote bags are popular in India?

Tote bags are picking up after where the sling bags left off. The utility, purpose, outlook all seem to be competitive enough to give the oversized handbags a run for their money.

We always judge and categorize things (and people) based upon utility. From the clothes we buy to the groceries we shop for, everything that’s bought must have some purpose. Or else it would one day find space in the backyard. Similar for these short and comfort-packed utility masters- tote bags.  In fact, there are some grounds why they are slowly making that small niche in our lives.

First and foremost is going to be the utility, of course! These handbags are mostly rectangular in shape and have a height of about 25-30 cms. With straps that are easy to carry over the shoulder, tote bags are the next big trend in the handbag market. There is mostly one compartment in the bag, but variations are available. Sturdy enough to carry books, groceries, and multiple other such things, these bags have earned the reputation of being classy and comfortable at the same time.

Another aspect that has helped tote bags attain the kind of respect and acceptance they enjoy now is the variety of colors and graphic prints they come in. College girls, being famous for their upmarket and trendy choices, are over the moon seeing the number of hues and prints the totes come in.  A splash of colors can make even a dull day seem vibrant enough. So why not have bagsthat reflect the same?

Customizations and accessorizing these bags has become a greater advantage to our shopowners who now offer such alterations at reduced prices. Bags can be modified per choice and desire. You choose and order the amendments made. And poof! You have in no time.

A factor that has made the wide acceptance of these bags possible is the easy availability. Almost every market you step into has totes in this date. This could be possibly because of the demand that has risen following the observance of better utility by women.

It’s also widely accepted that the fabric is the king. A major factor that determinesour purchases is the maintenance that the product accompanies with it. Cloth, jute, canvas these bags are available in all sorts of fabrics which makes it easy to wash and maintain without much effort!