Why do women BS the Apology?

My bad, bae

Thanks to Cardi B and Offset twitter is frantically discussing relationships and breakups. Cardi took to Instagram and Snapchat to announce that she was single for all of 6 and a half hours. Then, her next riveting social media post says:

Cardi pulled the “I’m a crazy female, you know how we do” card and used that as the basis of her apology. Then followed with an “I’m Sorry”. And it looks like Offset is cool with it.


Honestly, I don’t have an answer this time. Ladies, why is this how we apologize? My guess is that we prefer to duck 100% responsibility for our actions, even when we are wrong, just in case the topic comes up again and we need to change our stance. Technically, this approach isn’t bad if it were in a more formal setting but to do this in our relationships? Seems manipulative and harmful. Especially since we require that our partners confess and officially apologize when they make mistakes.

What do you think? Are women horrible at apologizing?