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Why Business Owners Should Consider Mobile Ecommerce This Year

Why Business Owners Should Consider Mobile Ecommerce This Year

The modern technology has amazingly gone a long way now and it is still taking the world by storm, and Ecommerce as well as mobile commerce has thrived hand in hand along with it. If you are in the world of Ecommerce and your website is not yet mobile-ready, then you may be badly missing almost half of your customers. It is because if it is not yet mobile- friendly and cannot be easily viewed or even navigated on the smaller screen,the possible thing to happen is that your website will just be ignored by Google and would certainly sink down its ranking in the search results.

When does your website need to be mobile-ready?

There could be several reasons why your website is not mobile-ready yet. It isn’t mobile-friendly if your website was developed more than 3 years ago. Also, it may not have an adaptive design thatoffers flexible delivery and different approaches to mobile-friendly sites. If you want to know if your ecommerce website is good to go for mobile ecommerce, you can count on professional user testing service to evaluate the readiness of your website.

Mobile gets more traffic.

Multiple reports claim that smartphone users are engaging with mobile apps and websites and apps when commuting to work, watching TV and using their computer. In fact, experts believe that websites that are not functional on handheld devices will be left behind on Google ranking. So if you want to gain a competitive edge on the online market, it’s best to go mobile now.

It leads to better brand engagement.

People would love your brand more your site has a fulfilling mobile experience. When mobile experience is maximized for functionality and visual consistency, it develops trust among users. On the other hand, if your website is hard to navigate, your customers would likely go to your competitors.


It yields increased conversions.

Desktop sites are not effective in converting visitors to buyers. Links are hard to navigate, calls to action are not clear and contact pages are awkward. Mobile-ready websites have clear CTAs and user-friendly contact information for visitors to see. As a result, you would be able to attract more visitors and convert them into buying customers.

It reduces bounce rates.

Content that looks amazing on your desktop might actually look absurd on mobile devices. In this case, visitors won’t be staying on your website if they have to zoom or pink at illegible type. Hence, if your site is not well optimizes for mobile use, the bounce rate may go really high. When you provide your mobile visitors with a clear and appropriate user experience, you will surely engage them longer and you would be able to convert them into buyers.

There you go- the benefits of having your site mobile-ready. If you think that you need a strong leap into the competition, ask for help from a digital marketing firm like Polished Pixels and let the experts help you come up with a website that really matters to your business success.