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What’s the Need for a Humidity Control Cabinet?

The outside temperature is not controllable, but since the beginning of time, humans have tried to keep the indoors controlled according to their comfort and benefit. Some might think that adding humidification to a home is a costly affair, but its benefits outweigh the cost to a great extent. You also have an option to have a humidity control cabinet, which will be ideal to keep your photographic gear or other valuables safe in a controlled environment.

It’s the dry air that is conducive for mites and other bacteria. If the humidity range is maintained between 30-55% then it does support the growth of most of the bacteria and viruses. If the humidity levels drop below 30%, then most of the respiratory problems start to crop up. Dry air is also not efficient in holding warmth, making it feel colder. Though it is advisable to go for whole-house humidification, in case you can’t afford that or you don’t want to do that you can use temperature humidity controlled cabinets. These cabinets offer controlled environmental conditions where you can store your delicate valuables safely. These cabinets eliminate the dust, dirt and moisture, and you can store a variety of items for long spells without worrying about them getting spoiled.

Any good humidity control cabinet comes with durable construction and an automatic dehumidifying system so that you can store your items peacefully in it. Normally there is an LCD screen that displays the humidity levels in the interior of the cabinet along with the inside temperature. These values are displayed in both the °F and °C mode and help in quickly monitoring of the cabinet’s conditions.

The cabinet can be made of thick steel with a tempered glass door and will have air-tight seals. This helps in protecting the cabinet’s contents from the exterior moisture, dirt and dust.

Some cabinets come with adjustable shelves that help to adjust the height inside the cabinet as per the requirements. You can position it according to the size of the items that you want to store in it. To keep valuable items, the inside of the cabinets is also lined with foam so that no scratches happen.

The electronic humidity control system is perfect for storing items like jewellery, electronic products, lenses, other optical and photographic equipment etc. You can input the specific interior conditions that are required by a provided control panel. Even if the power gets shut off, some of these cabinets have a control system that can maintain the relative humidity levels for one full day.

The dehumidifying system provided in these cabinets quickly controls the temperature and the humidity levels. It is very energy efficient and runs silently. Once you start using it, you will fall in love with it as they are really convenient for keeping the stuff safe.