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What to Expect on Your First Erotic Massage

You may have heard that enjoying one of the erotic massages in Montreal is a great way to end a night in town, but what exactly can you expect coming in? It all depends on where exactly in Montreal you get your massage. If you find a high-quality place that offers real massages, then you’re in for a treat.

However, in many ways what you’ll experience won’t be really a surprise, because you made a reservation on the massage parlor’s website so that you could specify what you want. You’ll then be expected to arrive at the appointed time.


A good place is where the masseuses are all actually trained to provide professional massages. That should be a given. But it’s also great if you can choose the look of your hostess. You can then pick the physical attributes that help you relax and get into the right mood. You can choose the lady with your preferred body type, ethnicity, and hair color.

The website should provide more details such as the hostess’s age, height, nationality, and eye color.

The Room

Admittedly, quite a few unsavory places have rooms that hardly entice you to relax. In these places, these rooms may have you so worried that it defeats the stress-relieving point of having a massage in the first place.

In the better quality massage parlors, you should be offered several types of rooms with different levels of amenities. The room you get should at least have its own shower, while a more expensive room may include a whirlpool tub and a large TV.

Regardless of which room you choose, you should expect to find a nice relaxing room with soothing lighting and décor.


In a high-quality place, you can expect to receive a real massage that can remove all the stress and tension from your muscles. It can be as hard or soft as you want, of course, but in general, the massage should be based on a real massage technique such as Swedish or Shiatsu.

With erotic massages, however, there’s a significant level of sexuality involved. That’s part of the technique and admittedly part of the fun.

You’ll know you’re in a good massage parlor simply by checking out the quality of the oil they use. In a cheap joint they typically just use some sort of watery low-grade baby oil or even baby powder.

In a try professional massage service location, they will use essential oils with intriguing fragrances designed to soothe your nerves and relax your mind. The oil will warm your muscles and can truly make for a wonderful massage.

In the best places, the massage services may also include additional aspects if you ask for them in advance when you set up an appointment online. You may ask for an erotic show as part of the service, and many men (and quite a few women) enjoy such visual stimulation. You may request that the hostess wear stockings. You may even ask for 2 ladies to provide the massage so that you can finally experience the thrill of a 4-handed massage.

However, there really is no describing the experience of a real erotic massage done by a professional especially if it’s your first time to receive such a service. Sometimes words aren’t enough for one of the simple joys of life.

Professional Courtesy

In premier massage locations, the people there are both professional and courteous. They can help guide you on what to do and where to go, and interact with you with friendliness and courtesy. Of course, it’s also expected that you act with courtesy as well.