What Ruby Woo couldn’t do for Summer 2020

We all have that season each year where we are feeling ourselves. For FLOSSY that season is summer. Summer is a time for planting, growing and blossoming.

Blossom often refers to something about change. Let’s talk about changing lip color or adding into your routine mix. Attractive, moisturized lips is a feature most folks aspire to have. Accentuating and showcasing luscious lips is always the goal.

Achieving Soft Lip Palettes  

This is where a good summer lip color comes into play. Lip colors range from bright like Tang Thang (Fenty Beauty) to a nude lip gloss such as Liberate (After Cosmetics).

For those who are into nude tones with a hint of shine and sparkle (like glitter) should look into Liberate from After Cosmetics as an all-day-wear lip gloss. The type of gloss that can be easily reapplied throughout the day without the buildup residue on your lips. Remember to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day.

For those who are into a more bold, spicy look – try bright colors such as pastels or shades of pink. Bright colors can make any casual outfit pop! When applying a bright color, make sure to line your lips with a color that is similar to your shade oof lip.

For those who are still not ready for a color, you can still show off those beautiful, moisturized lips with a popping lip gloss (pun intended). Before you gloss your lips, make sure to put a layer of lip balm to give your lips a boost of shine.  

Pair your moisturized lip with moisturized skin and an effortless skincare routine.