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What is Ultrasound test and when it is needed?

Wondering what is ultrasound? There are many who believe that ultrasound is just meant for ladies carrying fetus in the womb and need to see the images of growing fetus. No! This is totally wrong. Ultrasound has several applications. Fatal imaging is the common usage of ultrasound but the diagnostic tool has multiple applications. Also known as sonography test, ultrasound makes use of sound waves to create ultrasound images of internal organs. Through the ultrasound images, it may be found what going inside one’s body. It is the transducer which emits the sound of high frequency. The transducer then records these echoes resulting from bouncing sound waves which in turn helps to determine the shape, size, consistency of organs and soft tissues. Such information gets relayed and thus the images are produced on the computer. The test is done by sonographers and ultrasound technicians who have undergone training in the realm. After the test result is out, the radiologist will interpret such images. It helps to diagnose the condition and then the doctor prescribes suitable treatment.

The various usages and applications of the test

There are several applications of ultrasound imaging in the realm of medication. It helps the doctor to confirm the delivery date or simply dating the pregnancy. The test can also help to detect certain medical conditions. On the basis of the test, the doctor can suggest the treatment procedures. During pregnancy, USG abdomen test is necessary. It is necessary to do this test in the early stage of pregnancy to determine the date of pregnancy and to detect if there are twins. This also helps to rule out pregnancy complication, if any. Ectopic pregnancy is the pregnancy complication arising when embryo implants anywhere else rather than uterus. Screening tools are used during the process to find out any potential problem in pregnancy at the earliest. If there are issues in the placenta, birth defect or any other complication, it will be found out. Then, there are parents who wish to know the gender of the fetus. However, it is banned to find the gender of the fetus but sonography may help to detect it.

Diagnose a wide range of diseases

Doctors prescribe the test of abdomen when they suspect some underlying medical condition. Ultrasound imaging can be done to diagnose problem in the heart, blood vessels, gallbladder, liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen. It may be prescribed when the doctor suspects any problem in the reproductive system. There may be problem in the ovary, testicles or even the thyroid gland. So, you may understand how very vital the test is and how many applications are there. But, there may be some diagnostic limitation of the test. There are times when sound waves fail to transmit through different parts or through the dense bones. When the organ or bones hold gas, hold air, it may get difficult to transmit the waves of high frequency through the organs of the body. It is also used during the time of needle biopsy. The test has therapeutic applications since they help to detect or treat injury to soft tissue.

The importance of abdominal ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound is the kind of test which is done to have a look at the internal organs. It gives the view of gallbladder, liver, kidneys, etc.

CPK test or Random Blood Sugar test can be prescribed if the doctor suspects diabetes. It may be prescribed just after the ultrasonography test.