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What Is Peyronie’s Disease And How Is It Treated?

This is a condition that many men have experienced but not all of them had to treat it. If you are interested in the overall Peyronie’s disease treatment, then this article will surely be of help. However, if you are suffering from penis curvature make sure you seek help.

For those who are not familiar with the term, Peyronie’s disease is a condition of a penis that is caused by a scar tissue called the plaque, which forms inside the penis. This tissue can make your penis curved upward or on any of the sides.


Don’t feel embarrassed to visit your doctor

While most men do not need treatment for Peyronie’s disease, for those of you who feel pain during erections and sex, you should seek for a treatment. Sometimes even the treatment will not be needed, as Peyronie’s disease is known to fade on its own.

The cause

Even to this day, the doctors have not found the reason behind Peyronie’s disease. However, there were many researchers who said that the plaque might actually be started from a trauma (when you hit or bend the penis), which can cause inside bleeding. The worst thing is that this can happen without you being aware of it.

In other cases, it is said that Peyronie’s disease can develop over time, or it might be linked to your genes. Sometimes genes and the penis trauma could both be the cause of penile curvature. There are even some drugs that list Peyronie’s disease as a possible side effect, even though there is no proof of that actually happening.

Who gets Peyronie’s disease?

Usually, the Peyronie’s disease will happen to middle-aged men, however; this can happen to both younger and older men as well. Even though it becomes more common as men age, you should not treat it as something that happened because of aging.

The symptoms?

This can never be known, as the symptoms can appear out of nowhere or they can build up with time. When your penis is soft, you are not able to tell if there is a problem. In some severe cases when your penis becomes hard, the plaque hampers your flexibility cause a painful curvature.

Usually, the pain will ease over time, but the curvature in the penis might actually stay and become a big problem. The milder forms of Peyronie’s disease are known to go away on their own without causing any pain or permanent bending. In other cases, men can develop this problem elsewhere on the body, such as on the hand or foot.


Seek help and don’t allow Peyronie’s disease to ruin your relationship

The treatment

The doctors will first recommend the wait-and-see treatment before putting you under drugs or even surgery. However, the doctors usually do this if:

  • The curvature is not severe ad is not getting worse
  • You do not have problems in bed
  • There is little to no pain during an erection
  • You have great erectile function

Final word

There are many therapies that are known to have helped many diseases, for example the radial shockwave therapy. If you have a problem during sex, especially if it is painful, it is always better to visit your doctor on time. There is no reason for you to live with pain, since there are many great treatments out there that will surely help you out.