What every minimalist closet needs

I don’t know who needs to hear this but … your closet is a mess. Is minimalism a trend or a necessity? When it comes to our closets, getting dressed is supposed to be practical, accessible and creative. It’s hard to do those things in clutter.

Here is a quick guide to having a minimalist wardrobe that packs a punch.

Leather! It is your friend and can dress up and down any look. Black leather jackets are always a sure fire hit as are a pair of black leather boots. I encourage you to step out and purchase leather pants, a skirt or shorts. These items can be worn with almost any and everything and are a nice added texture to any outfit when the temperature allows. Ps. Sustainable options Faux or thrift your leather!

The Perfect Tee Now this can seem easy enough however, think again. I personally lean toward “My White Tee” for comfort and a clean look. Stick to a plain logo free white or a dark gray tee if you are unsure. Tees can be worn with leather, your power suit, and/or your favorite jeans. For day-to-night look, switch out your sneakers for a heel or boot.

Denim, and then more denim. Jeans are life for more reasons than one. They provide comfort, storage, and versatility. Find your perfect pair and live your best life. For a more formal look dark denim is the go to. Many women are opting for Dad Jeans Here for it. They are another day to night with a more fitted top, and a little heel or sleek boot and you are ready for dinner and dancing. I forever love a jean jacket and again it can be paired with any and everything.

The Cozy Sweatpants Yes, this is a necessity. You can opt for a cool pair of sweats or nice yoga pants either way invest in a set that you can throw on and run into that crush without feeling self-conscious. With the right pair of sweats you can dress them up with boots and a leather jacket.

Pop of color You must have one item that is your power color or print. This item may not be in heavy rotation yet still allows you versatility. It’s that sexy or edgy piece that’s super comfortable to you but gets all the compliments.

When ranging anywhere from borderline hoarder to piles of “these could come back into style”s, your closet is probably a clear candidate for getting it’s life together. Pulling off a look is hard enough in itself without the extra challenge of scrambling through unorganized racks filled with items you’ve likely not worn in a while or never will wear again. Take our word for it, you want a curated closet for your own sanity.