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Want to Cut Energy Costs? Invest in Tankless Water Heaters

Are you looking for ways to maximize energy savings in your home? One key component you need to consider is your hot water heater. If you’re still using appliances with storage tanks, you’re missing out on a huge way to cut back on the cost of heating your residence’s water supply. Tankless water heaters, when combined with flow meters, can not only slash your expenses and leave some green in your wallet, but they can also sidestep common maintenance issues that come with traditional versions. You need to keep a few important things in mind before you go shopping for a tankless water heater.

Tankless Heaters Come With Many Bonuses

Also known as demand-type water heaters, tankless models differ drastically from the older types in that they raise the water’s temperature at the same time it enters the units. Because there is no storage tank inside the equipment, no additional energy is required to keep stored water hot. Furthermore, the lack of a tank means that there’s no chance for chemical corrosion processes to corrupt the metal and cause rust or leakage. This benefit means that they can last up to twice as long their traditional counterparts: up to 20 years for newer styles, versus no more than 12 years for the older varieties.

The U.S. Department of Energy has published a helpful guide to demand-type heaters, which is available on its website. The DOE estimates that most households can scale back their energy costs anywhere between 24 and 34 percent by installing one of these appliances. That translates to an average savings of about $100 per year for homes with typical water usage amounts. However, even homes with high consumption rates can still reap the rewards of tankless models. The DOE projects that families using 86 gallons a day or more should see expense reductions of between eight and 14 percent.

Make Sure Your Home Can Support a Tankless Heater

Before you rush out to buy one of these groundbreaking products, you need to do some research. A June 2015 Angie’s List article cautioned homeowners to look at their current gas lines or electrical infrastructure to determine if they can support these appliances. Unless you’re savvy enough and have the requisite knowledge and experience to perform your own work, it’s better to consult with a local plumbing services company. They’ll not only be able to recommend the right products for your home, but also advise you if your home requires any supply line updates.

Demand-Type Heaters: the Future Is Here

Technological and design innovations have gifted many kinds of energy-saving appliances to the residential consumer. Demand-type hot water heaters are one of these improvements, providing the bonuses of lower power usage along with the reduction of typical maintenance issues. Most homeowners will enjoy these benefits, especially if they rely on a professional plumbing service to provide these appliances and handle their installation. Moreover, it’s crucial to ensure that your home’s electrical or gas lines are upgraded enough to handle these new devices. Following these recommendations will ensure that you enjoy hot water and lower bills for years to come.