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Virtual VIP – How a Premium Virtual Office Can Improve Your Business and Client Perception

The virtual office has to be the perfect complement to the remote office. For those working in locations away from a central office, the virtual office can provide the right type of structure by allowing you to work in the online landscape without forgoing the needs of the modern office. The best thing about the virtual office is that it takes professionals out of cafés and coffee shops and provides a professional space for them to work.

In Indonesia, your virtual office can do wonders, especially if the physical address is located in a prestigious location. Downtown Jakarta and other locations are the hub of business, and in some cases, the financial centre making it important for businesses to find space in these areas. A premium virtual office in the downtown area is both functional, but there is also a certain prestige that goes with office space in affluent locations.

Continue reading to learn how having a virtual office in the right location raises your business profile within the business community.

Location Is Important

The buildings that usually occupy a prestigious area typically are occupied by white-shoe businesses with an impressive portfolio and an established reputation. These areas are also next to financing and financial institutions, in addition to investment houses. The money that circulates in these areas is reflected in the professional veneer that each building in the area (and the companies that occupy these buildings) conveys to the public.

All of this is important because this image is what makes corporate Indonesia intimidating and awe-inspiring and overwhelming to the general public. However, to business interests who work in the area every day, this is part of business, and when you present to clients and the business community, they are going to expect presentation with your presentation. The virtual office can do this for businesses and in a more cost-effective way.

Through the plan’s many amenities, the virtual office can put a little polish on a remote working office. Whether you want to present to clients or just hold meetings in the plush meeting rooms, clients will be impressed by your professional address in an esteemed district. More importantly, the meeting rooms can allow you to perform the functions needed simply because they are usually retrofitted with the latest technologies.


In many cases, before you meet clients face-to-face, you have interacted with them online, and an online presence that is structured is one of the best ways to reflect professionalism to others. As opposed to using a hodgepodge of apps and sources with your business, consider adopting a business platform, or better yet, creating a website that is back linked to your favourite social media site. When clients have a place to actually contact you and can see a visual of your office online, it reflects that you have taken the time to put together an online representation of your business.

Ultimately, a website or online platform can provide clients and the public-at-large with a place to contact you, to submit information, and to get information from you. Both also centralise the functions of your business because clients can go online and independently complete needed tasks. While many place great emphasis on physical office space, more people spend a lot of time online, and a presence online through a platform or website can impact their image of you.

Making A Statement

Presentation is all about making a statement to the public and clients. In this case, a virtual office that has office locations in prestigious districts is impressive, but a business with a website or platform online makes an indelible impression on the clients it wishes to attract. As a complement to a remote-working platform, your virtual office can put the polish on your white-shoe venture.