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A Virtual Office Is Everything but the Physical Space: 4 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Office

Within the business world, the terms ‘virtual’ and ‘cloud’ are often used interchangeably. It makes sense because the cloud is a virtual service. It is a type of technology that replaces physical data storage (on disc and hard drives) with a centralised virtual databank. This bank is, as they say, ‘in the cloud.’ It exists on a network managed by other entities.

The cloud is just one type of virtual service. Another resource that is rapidly growing in popularity across Singapore is the virtual workspace. Instead of just storing data in the cloud, users access a full line up of corporate software and tools. There is no physical office to visit and spend time in, but all of the same amenities are available to tenants.

This guide to virtual offices and how they work will tell you more about why they’re a valuable resource in Singapore.

Becoming Truly Mobile

As already mentioned, a virtual office is everything but the physical office space. These facilities are not designed to be used in person. They are offsite support systems, and this gives businesses the opportunity to become more mobile than ever before.

The system gives tenants access to a roster of ‘cloud-based’ tools and software. They can check in to the actual building, where there is a team of administrative staff. This allows them to collect information on company calls, letters, and other communications from any location.

Bigger Opportunities

The implications of this kind of mobility should not be underestimated. For one thing, it means businesses can literally travel around the world and retain a constant, secure base, even if it is in the ‘cloud.’ You could work with employees and clients all over Southeast Asia.

The decision-making process is bound to get faster because your routines aren’t tied to a single location. Being a member of a virtual system is like carrying an office around in your pocket. It’s right there whether you’re at home, on a train, or travelling overseas.   

Enjoying All the Perks

For businesses that are comfortable with flexible, remote routines, virtual offices are a way to have it all. The underlying principle is that tenants get access to everything a traditional renter would, but without any of the practical responsibilities. No heating, lighting, or cleaning bills.

Without furniture, there are no tables or chairs to break and be replaced. There are no light bulbs to change and no carpets to stain. By going virtual, you eliminate not just the physical space but the work of maintaining and caring for it.

Access to World-Class Tools

The unique model used by virtual vendors is what allows them to offer such low rates. Tenants aren’t paying to lease a private space, so they’re not charged for this. Instead, the costs of world-class software, IT support, and administrative services are distributed among all users.

The result is corporate tools of an extremely high quality for surprisingly low rates. If you want to be guaranteed the best, but you’ve got a tight budget, it is a logical option. Virtual vendors invest heavily in the newest communications software, media equipment, and other resources.

Grabbing a Top Spot in Lively Singapore

Singapore is a wonderful place to start a business and nurture big ideas. The corporate culture is friendly. The government offers funding for foreign investors. While traditional office leases can be very expensive, virtual solutions are a way to get around sky-high rates.

There’s no time to waste though, as these facilities are popular with entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, and innovators. If you want a spot, take a tour and decide whether remote routines are right for you. In fact, don’t be afraid to give virtual solutions a trial run. There are no lock-in contracts, so you can leave if it doesn’t work out.