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Using Glass In Your Interior

There is a myth circling for years in interior design that glass is something that makes a space much colder than what it is before the use of glass. It’s quite obvious why this is, because glass generally looks cold, but that is not the case if glass is used right in the interior.

The belief that glass makes a room colder is wrong. You just need to know how to use it in the right way in the interior. Since ancient times, it was well known how glass was made, especially from the times of ancient Greece and Rome, when it received an even wider use, and since then, mass production of glass has made it possible that glass is present in nearly every building in the world.Image result for Using Glass In Your Interior

You can’t really picture a modern interior today without any sort of glass, can you? Whether it is shelves, tables, drawers, doors, vases, or something else, glass is always present and very important for every interior.

 Transparency, diversity of shape and color, and just plain beauty and usefulness make it one of the most applicable elements in all interior design styles. It is an irresistible decorative element that makes every space special, and visually expands it too.

It is easy to maintain and clean, and it’s without doubt one of the most popular materials in all spaces, from living rooms to bathrooms and kitchens.

You need to keep the following recommendations in mind when using glass.

  1. It is especially recommended in small rooms, as well as in those rooms that don’t have that much natural light, because it expands the space, and makes it brighter.
  2. It can be combined with natural materials such as stone, metals, wood, and brick, to a great extent and create wonderful effects in the space.
  3. Colored glass and sanded glass actually brings the sense of warmth and comfort, especially if combined with other, warmer elements such as thick materials and thick carpets.
  4. Glass that naturally breaks light gives a certain playfulness and dynamics to the space. That is why using such glass in the interior will make the space come to life, and it will also look a lot bigger if you implement such things.

Materials used in a space matter a lot. Depending on the different types of materials that are used in the space and the different combinations for them, you will achieve a different feel in the space. Glass, if used properly, can bring a wonderful and warm atmosphere to the space. Combined properly with other materials such as wood, stone, metal, and with other interior elements like window furnishings, carpets, decoration, and other things, it will create beautiful things.

If you want to use glass in your interior, you will have to learn a few things, and keep them in your mind at all times. But, once you get the basics down, using glass will become a wonderful thing that will fulfil your sense of beauty and incredible comfort.