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Useful Tips for Buying Tiles

There are a number of reasons you should choose tile floors for your home. Tiles are highly versatile in application; meaning that you can install tiles both indoors and outdoors. Tiles are also quite sturdy, so you can install them in high traffic areas like the living room without worry. Tiles are less susceptible to moisture, so they are usually the top flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Tiles also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Some owners also like the look of stone it gives without the expense and the hassle of owning actual stones. Ceramic tiles can also imitate other material like wood. You might even be able to get bargains tiles Brisbane locally.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of tile flooring, here are several tips to know about before purchasing tiles, and later, cleaning and maintaining them:3

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There are Different Types of Tile

Not all tiles are made equal. Tiles come in different materials like porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and glass. You should know the difference between each before you make a purchase. Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used, and therefore they come is a wide variety of colours and designs. Ceramic is also the cheapest. Natural stone tiles are those marble, granite, sandstone and other type of material you hear about.

Depending on your room, you will need to choose between each. For example, if you are tiling a bathroom, porcelain is a good choice because it’s the tile material most resistant to water damage. Natural stone tiles are incredibly durable and can last even hundreds of years. So they are mostly used outdoors where material is exposed to rough natural elements.

Tiles Do Stain

Some types of tiles do stain, despite common belief that tiles don’t. For example, polished porcelain tiles have a tendency to stain in kitchens and when exposed to harsh chemicals in bathrooms. So these tiles need to be sealed to increase resistance to staining. When you pick the tile type, you need to be aware of these factors and choose accordingly.

Porcelain is More Scratch Resistant than Ceramic

If you need tiling where scraping and scratching could be a problem in the future, choose porcelain over ceramic. Porcelain does scratch, but the colour is well integrated so scratches tend to be less visible than in ceramic tiles.

Tiles can be Slippery!

Certain tiles, like polished ceramic, can be slippery and unsuitable for areas like bathrooms. So, when you choose tiles, don’t forget to think about safety as well. For bathrooms and kitchen, choose unglazed tiles that offer more friction. For shower areas, there are special pebbly tiles to offer anti-slip grip. Travertine and porcelain are generally known to be less slip-resistant than others. If you have kids or elderly people in the home, choose unglazed tiles overall.

Be Careful about the Size

Most tile retailers use European units for measure, so be careful regarding that. It’s also smarter to get tile samples and lay them out on the floor. That will give you a good idea about size as well as the design.

Plan to buy about 10 percent more tiles than you need. If there’s too many left, you can always return for a refund or keep around for refurbishing later.