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Unprecedented Number of MOTs to Hit Workshops from March 2019

One of the potentially most nerve-wracking moments any car owner faces is the MOT and the potential cost for repairs needed to make sure their vehicle is roadworthy. In most cases it’s the test itself which is the stress point, rather than actually getting a slot for testing, but things may not be that simple for vehicles with an MOT due this March; and MOT test centre garages should be preparing themselves for what lies ahead.

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What’s Different About 2019?

According to Karl Davis, managing director of Coachworks Consulting, there is going to be a much higher than average number of cars due their MOT, which is all down to the unusually large number of new cars (over 2,500,000) which were sold and first registered back in 2016. As the law doesn’t require the first MOT on a new vehicle to be undertaken until it is three years old, it is now, 2019, when they will all be looking for an MOT slot.

The Effects on Franchised Dealers

If they cannot cope with the estimated amount of work coming their way, there’s a risk it will be diverted to other MOT providers, such as independent garages or dedicated MOT outlets. With around 50 or so extra tests being on the table, and around half a million extra overall in March alone, this is a great opportunity to boost income, but it also poses the risk of losing the custom then and for the long term.

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How Garages and Dealers Can Prepare

The competition to gain this flurry of MOT business takes planning and effort, which includes dealers with a franchise being on the ball abut contacting customers and arranging their MOT tests ahead of time, while other outlets could choose to advertise their competitive fees for labour and parts should work need to be done. Businesses on both sides should be on top of all the regular chores, such as updating motor trade insurance via a specialized company like, and arranging holiday rotas to minimize periods where the business is left very short-staffed.

The takeaway message here for MOT garages and franchises then is to start preparing seriously now for what is to come this year or miss out on a lucrative opportunity.