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Unleash true success on Amazon – Entrust your Amazon Account services to leading specialists.

With growing competition and the introduction of new tools on Amazon, ordinary listings are insufficient for driving sales. Since its inception in 2016, it has revolutionized the customer shopping experience. It allows registered merchants to showcase a collection of products in a branded catalog to their potential customers in the most engaging ways. EBC mirrors the values and is a reflection of the identity your brand holds. With sellers selling similar products on Amazon, employing Enhanced Branded Content can help you stand out. 

Let’s discover Amazon content services in a nutshell – 

  • Thoroughly studying your brand – Identifying your brand mission and vision.
  • Product study – Analyzing your product, its functionality and purpose – pinpointing similar products and how your product can stand out against those.
  • Monitor the product’s key features and unique selling points.
  • Market trend optimization – Involves discovering opportunities and threats in the market and remaining up-to-date with the latest advancements.
  • EBC – the designing teams start working on creating rich infographics.
  • Compelling content – Well-furnished writeup that says it all. Your customers will find all the information they are searching for – providing persuasive write-ups that lure in a vaster audience. 
  • Choose relevant root keywords – Top 10 keywords with high relevance.
  • Revise – Experts ensure content adheres to Amazon policy and law.
  • Upload – After carefully checking every process, the EBC is uploaded.

How to enrich product listings and Storefront?

  • Keyword research – To rank on top of the search result page it is crucial to add relevant keywords in your product listings. Experts tactfully place the top 10 root keywords with high search volume. Your listings are a seamless blend of readability and quality.
  • Product title – Titles are the first element that appears on the Amazon search result page. With a well-crafted product title, be assured Amazon will push your listings to the top. 
  • Bullet points – The top 5 key indicators should be concise, readable and informative. It should include every key aspect of your product – what it entails and why should they buy it. 
  • Infused search terms – Strategic placement of high-volume search terms in the backend can easily be indexed by Amazon.
  • Storefront designers create high-quality images, infographics, and custom brand logos to enhance the visual appeal of their product listings.
  • 360-degree product photoshoot – Showcasing your product from every angle enhances a positive purchase experience.

What makes EBC such a powerful tool?

  • Amplify your sales – A perfectly crafted EBC can help push your Impression and click-through rate by 5 to 8 percent.
  • Increased conversion – Up-sell your products with well-optimized listings.
  • Discover the secrets of cross-selling – Showcase similar products in your catalog – Customers will have more options they can select from.
  • Reduce bounce rate. 
  • Stand out from your competition – Showcase your brand story and connect with potential customers. 
  • User-generated content – EBC is a reflection of your customer’s language. Using native, readable and uncomplicated language increases the possibility of customers buying your product.
  • Reduce negative feedback – With a satisfying shopping experience, customers will surely leave positive reviews and ratings.

Marketing experts help you leverage this incredible tool – narrate your brand story, engage potential customers with indulging content, boost conversion rates, and drive sales on the Amazon platform. Explore the benefits of premier Amazon Seller Consulting Services.