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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Bulk SMS Services in Marketing

Modern marketing campaigns should involve multiple means of reaching potential customers or clients. If you are a marketer working on a campaign, you can use both traditional tri-media and online strategies. However, you should be as precise and cost-effective as possible. One of the most affordable marketing tools is bulk SMS.

Phone companies typically offer business solutions that can be included in the postpaid subscription package.

Bulk SMS can be a very effective for specific targeted campaigns. It can either be exclusively used for promotional announcements or as a supplementary component of a multi-pronged campaign.

You can still use social media and traditional tri-media advertising but this may not be sustainable because of the high cost. Marketing campaigns using print, radio and TV may also not reach the target demographics. It is more of a shotgun approach and may not be effective for local campaigns. The same is true for social media campaigns, which will not reach people who are not fond of using the Internet.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should include bulk SMS services in your marketing campaigns:

1. Reach a bigger number of people

According to an estimate of the website, about 78.9% of Australians are Internet users. Meanwhile, approximately 81.6% of Australians are mobile phone users. This has a difference of 2.7% or about 651,510 Australian mobile phone users that probably cannot be reached via the Internet but are reachable through SMS or call.

A bulk SMS campaign would be more effective in this case because it can reach all targeted mobile phone users, including those who do not use the Internet. Reaching the 18.4% or 4.44 million Australians that are not reachable either via the Internet or SMS will require other strategies.

2. Earn revenue through special promos or contests

Your company can initiate promotional contests and SMS voting that involve minimal fees for every reply. A certain percentage of the revenue can be earned by the company depending on the arrangement with the bulk SMS service provider.

Instead of the normal text charges, those who will register and participate in text promos and contests may be charged entry fees. These fees must be specifically mentioned when sending bulk SMS to potential customers, clients or subscribers.

3. Pay less compared to other modes of advertising

Advertising can be considered as just a subcomponent of a marketing campaign. It is mainly meant to create product awareness.

In general, marketing does not only aim to make people become aware of products but also encourage specific group of people to act either by directly availing of a product or service, or participating in promotional campaigns.

The cost of bulk SMS services is relatively lower than the cost of full-fledged advertising campaigns in social media and traditional tri-media. If you already have a list of potential customers, clients or subscribers, sending SMS to them on a regular basis is only fractional in terms of cost compared to other types of advertising.

If you already have a subscription for bulk SMS services, it is possible that you will only need to pay a fixed fee regardless of the number of SMS you will send. You can also easily settle your online bill payment with your service provider.

4. Reach busy people on the move

The attention span of most people today is very short. Many would not bother reading the details of a news, for instance, and would just rely on the headlines. People would browse the Internet but would not have time to watch videos or read long articles while on the move.

Hence, social media ads and email promos can be easily ignored by busy people. They will be just as static as a print ad on a newspaper. SMS, on the other hand, is more personal. Once received, most people will open it and read it in passing. Hence, it is crucial that the message should be short, simple but impactful.

5. Engage people and generate leads

Your SMS message may contain links to more detailed information or even to signup forms.

It is easier to catch the attention of people through SMS than passive ads. Once people become interested, they are likely to follow the links provided, or even reply to your SMS if the option is available.

Whatever marketing campaign you may have planned, you should not forget to consider including bulk SMS in your toolbox. It is convenient, far reaching, cost effective and has the potential to be impactful as long as you deliver the right message.