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Top Games That Will Make You Smarter

Wondering if games are only meant for leisure or if they make you smarter? In fact, some games are crafted in such a way that they help to enhance your mental skills. They improve memory, reasoning and calculating skills. Find some of the top games that can greatly improve your mental skills!


Is chess your favourite game? Whether it’s yes or no, you should try it as it is the most intellectually challenging games. It greatly helps in improving both long-term and short-term memory. If you are a beginner, you will tend to use your short-term memory to instantly analyse the game board and how to plan your next move. But if you are more experienced, you will rely on the strategies that you used in the past due to your long-term memory. In this way, you retain information for the long term. Improve your concentration skills with bingo games at Booty Bingo where you can also enjoy free bingo. As per research, a good game of bingo also exercises your brain as you need to focus on the numbers being called out. . . and there’s no better place to play bingo than at Booty Bingo.


Try the classic number game, Sudoku! It is an amazing game that requires a good memory. During Sudoku, you need to remember a series of numbers while rehearsing their positions on the nine-space grid. It is an effective game at enhancing your memory skills, especially if you are new to it. However, if with time it becomes too easy, opt for another game!


Looking to master your mind? Try the Mastermind code-breaking game played between 2 players. It consists of a decoding board with a shield at the end to hide a row of 4 large holes, and 6, 8, 10 or 12 additional rows of 4 holes each, next to a set of smaller ones. There are also code pegs of 6 different colours and key pegs in black and white. It involves logic and deductive reasoning skills to correctly guess, through trial and error, the sequence of the coloured pegs that the opponent has placed behind the shield. This game also helps you pay more attention to details.


Poker is considered as a game of luck. However, do you know that it also helps to enhance your mental skills? Firstly, you need to understand probabilities and the logic of poker strategy. To be able to fully enjoy poker, you also have to control your emotions. This game helps in logical thinking. During a poker match, alertness and study are required. You can thus analyse every decision that you make and you become fearless when it comes to risks and losses. Instead, you develop good risk analysing skills.

Uno & Friends

Enjoy Uno & Friends, a game with a unique deck of coloured and numbered cards, with wild and strategic ones to manipulate the gameplay. Take turns playing cards to match either the number or colour of the previously played one. Use special cards to manipulate the gameplay, such as a “draw” card which forces another player to draw additional ones or the “skip turn” which forces a player to miss a turn. This fun game helps you to be flexible as you adapt and alter strategies. It requires good planning and strategy as well. When the players take turn playing their cards, they also increase their time management skill.

With such fun and innovative games, expect to greatly enhance your mental skills while having a firm grip on your emotions.