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Top 5 Things to do in Lake Como (Italy)

When you plan to go and travel in a certain location, there are many things coming in your head. While there are many opportunities that await you in Lake Como, you can get yourself engaged in the beauty of nature and escalate the level of fun, adventure, and excitement. If you are planning to visit the place but don’t know what activities to be done when you get there, then we are going to give you the top five things you can do in Lake Como.3

Satisfy Your Cravings at Restaurant

If you are looking for another delectable tasting experience, then Lake Como has the most wonderful restaurant. Visit Grand Hotel Tremezzo and satisfy your taste buds with the tasty foods served by the staff. Whether you are looking for Italian cuisine or imported dish, they have it right at your plate.

Marvel with the Well-Crafted Palace

There can be no other palace you can see much more beautiful than you can find at Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The place is precise in every detail and perfect for class individuals who are in need of class place. The place has Sala Musica, Sala Contessa, Sala Billiardo, and Sala Leturra. It is something you can only find at Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Escapade at the Park

If you bring your loved one with you or your girlfriend and want a tranquil, yet romantic place to marvel, then go to the park of Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The park really fits the area of the hotel at Lake Como. Located at the center of the city, the hotel’s park has stunning landscapes and enticing gardens, with sophisticated views. If you are appreciating an exquisite beauty of nature, then this place is worth a visit. You can also fulfill your satisfaction by visiting areas of the park and see the view of the nearby blue sea. At the park, you can also order for a food, drink if you wish, while lying and sitting down to the greeneries.

Shop Some Souvenir Items

The T Shop is a small boutique at Grand Hotel Tremezzo that contains different items you can buy. Collect souvenirs that are inspired by the personal interpretation of the owner about dolce vita. Get a chance to purchase wide selection of products and bring home a piece to remember a wonderful experience at Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Relax at Very Accommodating Spa

After a long and tiring day of adventure of going round the place, get your body and soul relaxed at T Spa. Located at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, you can have a direct access to the spa from your suite on lake como. Get a luxurious massage and other beauty services and make a renewed body atmosphere.

With over 100 years of a remarkable history, Grand Hotel Tremezzo has become the excellent hotel serving the tourists who visit the enticing place. People across the globe are choosing this five star hotel as their experience-maker. After all, Lake Como is known not just by possessing a welcoming landmark and attractive tourist destination, the location also holds a historical place for the tourists’ holidays – the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Come to Lake Como and enjoy the things you can do at Grand Hotel Tremezzo.