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Top 5 High Energy Indoor Activities for Children

Wondering how to make your children happy when they’re bored out of their minds? When your kids are full of energy and you don’t feel like going out for any reason, there are still things you can do to keep them entertained indoors. 

Children get bored easily, and they need to get rid of their pent-up energy, so it’s great to have some fun ideas up your sleeve. The best thing is that most of these activities don’t require any props or preparation, and you can do them anywhere, anytime. Read on to find out how to have fun with your kids in five simple and effective ways!

Make an obstacle course

You can use simple household items to create a fun obstacle course. For example, you can use a toy tunnel and have the kids army crawl under it. Or, if you don’t have a toy tunnel, simply place a blanket over a couple of chairs instead. Next, you can use pillows as stepping stones and have them skip from one to the other. Just get creative and use what you have at home. You can also time the kids as they go through the course to add an extra element of suspense. You’ll have lots of fun without ever leaving the house! 

Play with hula hoops

The hula hoop is many kids’ favorite classic toy, and for good reason. There are many ways to use them, whether you spin them around your waist, arm, or leg. You can even try two at once for an extra challenge. Once your children get the hang of the basics, they can also try some of the more complicated tricks, like lifting up the hoop from the waist. Or, use it to play jump rope and count how many times they can jump. It’ll make for a fun competition!

Do a pillowcase race

Here’s another competitive activity that will strengthen your kids’ muscles and build up their stamina—not to mention keep them occupied for a long time! Each child should get into a pillowcase and then hop in it until they get to the finish line. It’s quite a challenge, and everyone will want to win! To make sure that the children are safe, always play this game on a carpet because they can easily slip and fall if they do it on a hardwood floor. 

Have a cotton ball race

If your kids love doing an egg and spoon race for Easter, here’s a similar activity that they can do all year round. They should take a cotton ball and balance it on a spoon while running. The goal is not to let the cotton ball fall, which is difficult because they’re so lightweight. You can have multiple cotton balls and race to get them all from one box to another. This game requires both speed and focus, so it helps your kids work on their concentration too.

Visit an indoor playground

If the DIY approach fails, you can always get in the car and go to an amazing local indoor playground. These places are every child’s idea of heaven because they’re equipped with tons of fun play equipment. For example, there you’ll find trampolines, obstacle courses, super slides, climbing walls, and other play structures perfectly thought out to wear out even the most energetic child. Children can spend the whole day exploring the playground and never get bored. You’ll also rest easy knowing that they’re safe while playing since the equipment follows rigorous safety guidelines.