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Tips to Keep Crime out of your Apartment

Apartment safety is a huge issue. You’re sharing a building with multiple neighbors. Who knows if the locks were changed between the time the last tenant moved out and you moved in? 

Fact: It’s easy for thieves to sit in a parking lot and pick up patterns on multiple people at the same time. Sitting in a parking lot and watching when people leave for work and come home is much easier than it is sitting outside someone’s house, or in the driveway. Apartments aren’t the greatest when it comes to security, but there are things you can do to increase your security level. 

Some apartments don’t allow security systems, as the lease doesn’t allow permanent modification. However, a quick talk with the landlord should alleviate any concern as modern security systems are wireless and don’t require drilling through walls in order to run wires. Everything is going wireless, why should your home security system be any different? In fact, most ADT home security affiliates don’t even offer wired systems online anymore. Once you have the information needed and understand the installation, take it to your landlord. Without the need for drilling and running wires, your landlord might be willing to bend the rules.

It is possible that your landlord comes back and tells you that installing an alarm is not possible due to the inability for them to enter the premises. Landlords have that right and may not want to over complicate their process since they now have easy access with a master lock system. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety, it just means you now have to go back to the roots of security and take other precautions.

There are ways to keep you protected without an alarm. It is pretty normal for apartment doors to come equipped with a peephole and a deadbolt lock. If yours does not you should talk to your landlord and see if they will install these two very important things. After all, now that they have shot you down for the alarm, that is the least they can do. 

If your apartment complex allows pets, I suggest you get a dog. Recently, on 20/20, a convicted home burglar was there to give pointers on how to stay safe. He pointed out the best way to keep your home protected was to have a dog. Big or small, it didn’t really matter. 

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One of the oldest tricks in the books is still going strong and could keep potential harm out of your home. When you are not there, leave something on. It doesn’t matter if this is a radio, TV or a light. People are less likely to break in if they think you are home.

Unfortunately, there are criminals who are not there to rob you but may want to harm you physically. For this, I recommend keeping a weapon of your choice near your bed and be prepared to use it if necessary. This is not limited to apartment living. Having a baseball bat by your bed has long been a source for many to feel safe. 

My final suggestion for apartment living and safety is to find a neighbor you can trust. Don’t go for the first one you meet and never trust anyone too quickly. As sad as that sounds, it’s the truth. Once you have found one that you can depend on, buddy up. This person can be your partner for laundry and you can watch one another’s homes while you are away.  Return the favors and you will cut down on the chances of dealing with major harm. 

Apartment living has a lot of draws such as swimming pools, workout facilities and more cost-effective living. But with all advantages comes some disadvantages. By taking the appropriate precautionary measures you can reap the benefits without worrying about the dangers that come with them.