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Tips To Create Effective Product Label

By providing a unique product label that describes your product well, your product will stand out from your competitors. There are no specific rules to create product labels, a creative design can set your product apart and impress your customers. Be sure to create a unique and attractive product label that will help you gain more customers. There are various factors you need to keep in mind while creating a product label and that includes colours, size, layout, shape and more. Sticking to certain guidelines and key features during the design process, with Label Image, your label printing in Perth specialists, can help you create a well-designed label for your product.


The first step in creating a product label is designing a unique label for your product. The label should contain all the information about your product including

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Ingredients
  • Instructions for use
  • Warning indications
  • Manufacturing date
  • Expire date, etc.

Containing all the basic information about your product in the label can help customers to know more about your product.


Colours used in your custom product label can help you grab the attention of various users. The colours can influence the buyer’s purchase decision too. While choosing the colours of the product label, you need to keep various factors in mind including the colour of the product, the colour of the container, etc. Red and yellow can urge customers to buy your product. But it won’t be the best choice for all the products. To make a right decision enlist the help of Label Image, your label design in Perth Specialists.

Label Material

Before beginning the design process, you need to choose the right label material for your product. Whatever you design, it should sync with your label material. The commonly used label material choices include white, clear, cream-colored, or even gold or silver foil. Choosing the foil or white material can help create a unique style to your packaging. On the other hand, using clear label material can help you create a custom shape or better blend with your product’s container.


The barcode is a part of the product label that tells electronic scanners information about your product. Universal Product Code barcodes are used to add security to the product or to help companies to track inventory. These barcodes are read using an optical scanner which interprets the code into letters and numbers that are passed along to a computer. Label Image are your barcode printing in Perth specialists.

Contact Information

Apart from creating a product label that stands out of the shelf, you need to include your companies contact information on your product label. Listing your contact information including your social media accounts on your product label can encourage communication with your customers and increase your following.