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Tips To Choose the Right Diamond

Choosing the right diamond ring is one of the important tasks when it comes to a proposal ring or an engagement ring. Most guys find it difficult to choose the right diamond ring for their partner. But if you take the right approach, it can be a fun and enjoyable task. You need to get educated about the diamond before buying one. You might have heard about the 4C’s of diamond while doing research or going to the jewelry store for buying Albuquerque diamond jewelers.  But, the majority of the people think that they have understood about the 4C’s after an hour of research or via a simple presentation provided by a jewelry store. But, it is wrong. If you have to choose the best diamond within your budget, you need to go beyond the 4C’s and start looking at in-depth details.


A diamond’s cut is one of the important factors you need to consider when it comes to its overall beauty. You may have noticed that a diamond ring lit from within as it flashes with every move. This flare comes from light reflecting off the exterior of the diamond, and from the light entering the diamond from the top and refracting off of the internal surfaces and coming back out. Dispersion is the main thing that creates various colors that you may see when one moves their diamond jewelry.


 Diamond comes in all the colors of the rainbow. However, people are more concerned with diamonds in the white range. The GIA rates the body color of diamond from D to Z. D indicates colorless and Z indicates light yellow. The best color to choose is no color. A colorless diamond allows light to pass through it easily. This, in turn, allows light to get dispersed as the color of the rainbow. Years of experience to color grade a diamond can help to differentiate one grade to the other.


When viewed under 10 power (10x) magnification, the clarity of the diamond can be determined by the location and amount of flaws in the diamond. GIA rates the clarity grades of a diamond from flawless to imperfection. Often diamonds contain very minute birthmark know as inclusion. If the inclusion is fewer, then the diamond will be more beautiful. A diamond without any inclusion and surface blemishes is very rare, and so they are more valuable.


As the carat-weight of the diamond increases, the rarity and the price will automatically increase. The carat weight of the diamond is one of the easiest measurements to determine. Two diamonds may be of equal carat-weight, but the value can differ due to their cut, color and clarity.