Three Things to do at Night better than Snacking

 As a fitness connoisseur and healthy life style enthusiast, one thing that we can all agree is hard to overcome is snacking! Especially snacking late at night that could cause additional unwanted fat gain and unhealthy habits. So here’s our top three tips for overcoming those late night eating urges

1. Exercise at Night
After dinner, take some time to digest your food, and then get your heart rate pumping with a cardio workout, or stretch it out with a yoga video. Either way, you’ll be trimming off inches and getting healthier instead of tacking on empty calories.
2. Meditate 
Being mindful about your body in the evening will help keep you focused on your health and ready your body for a good night’s sleep. The more aware you are of your daily goals, the more likely you are to stick to your plan!
3. Herbal Tea
Hydrate with a zero-calorie hot beverage. With so many unique tea flavors to choose from, you’ll never get bored and can target specific nighttime cravings. Sleepy-time tea is another great way to calm your body before bed with zero calories.