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Think like a food safety auditor

If you are in any doubt about what the regulations attached to food hygiene, food preparation, manufacture and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) are then you need to contact a specialist training company like Food Alert for a course in house, on your premises or online. Don’t wait until a food safety audit has caught you out.3

Hundreds of businesses are fined every year for failing to adhere to food safety regulations and for ignoring a food safety auditor’s Remedial Action Notice.

Don’t let your business be one of the names on a highly visible list.

A food safety auditor routinely inspects the property, performs a kitchen audit and establishes how critical controls and hazards are being managed.

They then issue the premises a score from 1-5:

  • Major improvement needed
  • Improvement needed
  • Generally satisfactory
  • Good
  • Very good

A sticker with the score has to be displayed in a prominent position on the premises by law.

If you receive a result that you don’t want to advertise the sticker cannot be removed and all ratings are available online for the public to see.

There’s no escaping the results of bad practices, inadequate training and neglect to regulations.

This should be an easy question, which would you prefer:

  • A food safety audit in the knowledge that all staff have been effectively trained by experts and are adhering to good practices which delivers a score of 4 or 5?
  • The continual processes of cleaning, maintaining hygiene and a safe work environment means that an inspection can be carried out whenever the authorities wish.
  • You have an elite team who are managed in line with regulations. You bring a smile to the food safety auditor’s face.
  • A food safety audit which proves stressful and costly to your reputation.
  • You spot an unclean area, empty boxes under work spaces and a grimy sink…so does the food safety auditor.
  • Your score is low but still has to be advertised. Your premises is rated 1 or 2.
  • Three other eateries on the same road are 3,4 or 5’s. Where do you think that your potential customer will eat or make a purchase from?

The cost to a business that results from having a bad rating far exceeds any training expenditure.

Do you really want to be using cross fingers and deep breathing techniques during kitchen audits to limp to a low score or keep levels high at all times naturally?

Train first, lose stress later. Don’t train and the result is apoplexy.

Although Brexit is looming for the moment the UK is subject to many EU regulations and a lot if not all of these regulations will be kept for the UK. Therefore, failure to adhere to these could cost businesses dearly.

A reputable training firm will give you the knowledge and tools to be able to thrive in business and to build your market outside the UK.

Be prepared and informed. It will pay dividends.