The Smith’s: A Legacy

Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard? They never told me about the one saying that goes talent plus talent equals more talent. That basically sums up the purebred dynasty created by the legendary Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It’s so much talent in that damn household that it’s scary. To date the family is worth about 282 million combined. Sheesh. You know, I’m thinking about changing my last name to Smith.

Who would’ve thought that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would wind up with Stony to procreate The Karate Kid and daughter that created and lives on her own universe. Not only does the family grind and hustle together, but they also get it on their own. Will commented in 2008 on their parenting styles: “We’re not strict but we definitely believe it’s a very important component for rearing children. It creates safety for them. They understand that they need guidance.” Will and Jada who are both highly respected actors, musicians and business partners definitely raised them kids right, Willow dabbles but is not limited to all liberal arts, and Jaden, though similar to Willow, has taken to Film and Music respectively.

I f*ck with the vision though, if you watch the kids growth they started out working in films with their parents, Jaden can be seen along side his dad in Men in Black II, The Pursuit of Happiness, and After Earth. Willow debuted in I Am Legend with her father, and 2 of the Madagascar movies with her mother. And it doesn’t stop there because Will and Jada have worked together too, they actually first met when she auditioned to play “Lisa”, Will’s girlfriend (how ironic) on an episode of Fresh Prince, but the role was given to Nia Long (with her fine ass) because Jada was too short. Jada and Will became friends, (got married, built a dynasty) and both starred in Ali.

I firmly stand by the idea that if 2 highly successful and talented people come together and have a kid or 2, that the apple won’t fall far from the tree, it’s like an equation for success.