Real cost of a perfect body

18 Million people underwent cosmetic surgery in 2018 in the United States

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Years ago, when complete fabricated bodies were becoming popular (way back when Nicki Minaj ass looked like two throw pillows balled up) there was a small subset of people who resisted this change. They took the position that an all fake body garnered through cosmetic surgery and silicone injections would only lead to negative outcomes.

In 2018, those assumptions begin to be proven as facts. A select few celebrities, who are brave enough, are sharing their challenges with unnatural bodies.

Bodied By J is an Instagram fitness celeb who made most of her following through promotion of fitness techniques to create the perfect body. What she neglected to share with her early followers was that she purchased her desirable body parts and in fact didn’t gain that perfect figure via the gym.

Years later, after millions of people follow her trends and she gains revenue from false advertisement, she speaks out about her cosmetic surgery complications. J started to develop an internal infection due to her silicon injects causing her to need immediate surgery to remove the foreign objects from her body. J took to instagram to tell her truths and evoke empathy from her following. Many did express sympathy for the former fitness guru while others called her out for her fraudulent practices.

J revamped her business model post her implant removal to focus on her new found life path and even published a book promoting self love.

Photo of J prior to implant removal. This is the “all natural” body she promoted for sales.
Photo J posted after her surgery

Approximately 15% of surgeries result in complications. In 2018, 42 people died from complication related to cosmetic surgery.

Types of complications: Hematoma, Seroma, Blood loss, Infection, Nerve damage, Blood clots, Organ damage, Scarring.

Another example of a fake body gone wrong is K. Michelle. Unlike J, K. Michelle previously spoke out about having ass injections to enhance her shape. She would say many times, publicly, that getting surgery was faster than working out and she had the money for it.

In, 2017, she announced that she was having some physical complications; stating that her lower half could not support the added weight of her oversized ass. She explained experiencing pain through out her body when performing or even doing simple tasks.

In January 2018, K started the procedures to remove her silicone injects. Post starting her process to removal she exposed complications with her surgeries.

“I started my journey to correct a mistake I did over 6 years ago. The first surgery went well so we thought until my body started to shut down… I later found out that the silicone spread and I would be rushed back into surgery…”

K. Michelle spoke out on Instagram
K promoting a product that she later claims never aided in her body transformation

Our speculations are that there are many more cases of surgeries going wrong but, for various reasons, refuse to speak out about it.

There are two factors that standout with this topic: One, false advertisement; without any repercussions there’s internet famous personalities push unnatural remedies to improving appearance. Meanwhile are struggling behind the scenes to stay healthy themselves.

Second, the amount of cosmetic surgeries  continues to increases year over year. Plastic surgeons are seeing more revenue than wellness doctors. Hopefully when these very real horror stories hit the media it will start to impact these sales.

Why are fake bodies beauty standards? What lengths are we willing to go for likes and exposure? Are you willing the bear to cost of faux beauty?

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