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The Football Frenzy is back: FIFA World Cup 2018

For all those football fans for whom four years is a very long time to wait for their most favorite sporting event, the World Cup, the wait is over!! FIFA World Cup 2018 is just round the corner. With the frenzy picking up, the team alighting in Russia and the fans pouring in by millions, it could not have been bigger or better. The stage has been set and with the opening ceremony being just a week away, you might be waiting for your favorite team’s match. So, whom do you think will come out at the top?

That’s one question that is on everyone’s mind but the answer will be out only on the 15th of July when the finals will take place.

How the sides Fare at the Moment

Not sooner is one world cup over that the teams start preparing for the next one. Friendlies, tournaments and other matches are played. New comers are sighted, picked and trained to carry the onus of their country’s honor and pride while the older ones retire.

Data analysts and football rating websites are busy juggling their timings to come up with the latest statistics and data about who’s the best and who has the highest chance of winning. As per the latest analysis done, it has been concluded that Belgium is the most attacking team for the present world cup while Morocco is the least attacking.

An analysis of the past three years with respect to the number of games played and goals scored by the 32 teams participating in the 2018 FIFA World CUP, Belgium tops the chart with 100 goals in 37 matches, that comes to 2.7 goals per game. On the other hand, Morocco is at the bottom of the list with only 0.47 goals scored per game, playing 36 matches during the same period.

Your Favorite Team

Which is your favorite team on this world cup? Who do you think will win this world cup series? Is it going to be the mighty Argentina or Brazil with star attacking players like Messi and Neymar Jr or is it Portugal that has Ronaldo or is it Spain that has the best overall team? Germany, the defending champions too will put in their best efforts to retain the title.

Are you getting all the information regarding team updates, change, injuries, playoffs and other stuff to keep yourself informed? Well! You can surely keep yourself updated with so much information available online. You can also subscribe to the newsletters and live feeds of a few sites to get real time information as and when the matches are being played.

Moreover, if you believe that your national team has a chance of winning against their opponents this world cup, be sure to place your bets on your favorite team. Win, celebrate and spend your winnings with your loved ones.  

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