Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The face behind the words


              I saw him for the first time in a photo. He was like an actor from those movies, so beautiful that he takes your breath away and for a moment you just forget to breath. I met him while I was trying to chat online. I say that I was trying because that was something new for me and I just decided to try after a friend of mine convinced me that in the online dating system there aren’t only crazy people that lie about everything when they talk about themselves. I never thought that there is something real in this kind of things and when you will get to meet the person face to face, more than sure you will have a surprise. But my ideas were about to change. I always liked black hair guys with green eyes and I always hoped to find someone like that. When I saw his photo I was so absorbed about him that I didn’t even realized that we had them both. I just said a little “hi” and without even knowing I realized that I managed to talk for several hours with someone I just knew. Like any others women looking for men I always hoped that I will find my half, but I never thought that it will be online. I waited so anxious to meet the person behind all those words, all those talks, being afraid for not being who he said but also full of hope for getting to know someone that shares with me same likes and dislikes. We met after a week of late nights talking at our both favorite pub. Even that I never believed in online dating that time was my lucky once time try. When I saw him, first of all I was just glad that the photos were true and I can really say that in real life he was more beautiful than I could imagine. I think that I even saw he cheered, so I believe that he didn’t expected to find the real one he talked to for a week. We just sat and took a coffee and the hours passed like minutes.


            I realized then that dating websites and social media weren’t so unhelpful as I thought before. Or I was a little bit lucky. And probably I was. I always thought that any person has his half somewhere in the world, just waiting to appear at a certain moment in his life. Maybe that was my moment, because there are for over 4 years since then and we are still together.

            I know that maybe others weren’t so lucky as I was but it is an options. Love can be found anywhere and by different ways. So take my story as an example that love can pop up from where you don’t even expect.