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The 10 Most Fun Self-Employed Jobs

Carving a niche for oneself in a field that one loves the most is a great achievement. The benefits of self-employment are many: it is seldom monotonous, there are no office politics, and the money inflow can be altered at one’s own will. No matter what field you choose to be self-employed in, the common qualifications needed across are passion and updated knowledge. Here are 10 of the most fun and interesting self-employment options that you could choose from:

Voice-over Artist

This is one less-spoken-about profession in the entertainment industry. While a lot of characters from famous movies, games, and advertisements remain etched in our memories, not much thought is given to the voice behind them. Lending one’s voice to characters or for narration might seem like a simple task. But, the preparation and training that go into making one, and gaining success in it, can be daunting. However, making a mark in the industry with just your voice can prove to be highly gratifying, and the money that comes along makes the efforts worth it.

Event Planning

This profession requires skills in organizing, managing people, and ensuring time-bound execution. Also, being aware of what the requirements are for different kinds of events helps in excelling as an event planner across the board: corporate, wedding, birthdays, get-togethers, etc.


The self-gratification that the creative arts offer is almost unparalleled. One of these arts is writing, and when done to create a story, it can transport the writer to another world. Most novelists immerse themselves in an ocean of ideas and words to create mind-blowing works of fiction. While it can be quite difficult to ‘arrive’ as a novelist, the efforts always create a sense of self-fulfillment in the end.

The 10 Most Fun Self-Employed Jobs

Interior Designing

Designing a house or commercial space needs more than just the basic sense of neatness and organization. Interior designing is a highly creative job that lets you think not just from your own artistic perspective, but also from the point of view of what the client needs. And, this job can be done going solo too. As many other self-employment options, this too has its own teething phase. Nevertheless, interior designing is as self-satisfying as any other artistic job. It goes without saying that the money too gets better as you keep excelling.


Having supreme culinary skills is often said to be God’s gift. The same goes for chocolate makers who are supposed to know the nitty gritty about chocolates. The services of this delicious profession also finds a large number of takers, because, who doesn’t love chocolates?


Bakery is a close cousin of chocolate-making, in that, this too requires specific skill sets to master the art. Also, the demand for bakery products can never really go down. Once you’ve garnered a loyal customer base, you can rest assured that you have made it as an entrepreneur. And, the word is bound to spread.

Fashion Designing

This is yet another creative job that requires one to be updated with the quick-changing trends, season after season. Also, a good sense of different fabrics, colors and shades, combinations, etc. are prerequisites.

Graphic Designing

Even after gaining the training and practice, it takes a while before you get settled as an entrepreneur in the field of graphic designing. Because there is huge competition in this field, it can take considerable time to build a loyal client base. Nevertheless, with the right approach, updated knowledge, and patience, graphic designing can be a lasting career.


Another F&B-related profession is winemaking. The love for wines along with an understanding of the process of making them are prerequisites for getting into it as a career. Additionally, one needs the resources, both financial and material, as well as the business ideas to succeed.

Professional Poker

Poker is gaining ground as a career, just like many other mind sports. This is a game of thorough concentration, observation, and luck. You can self-learn and take tips available online for new poker players. For practice, you can even check out online poker sites like Khelplay that have endless games and options of playing for free or real money.