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The 10 Best Poker Apps Right Now

Poker; it’s the perfect game for when you want to kick back with friends during a casual night in. It’s also the perfect game for when you want to dress up and head out to the casino. But what about when you’re on your own, without a poker set in sight? Believe it or not, it’s the perfect game then too. Enter poker apps – the mobile games that are rising in popularity know that the classic card game is making a comeback. Here are the best poker apps for Android and iPhone, with details on what makes them great and which type of player they suit.

Governor of Poker 3

If you’re looking for an app that is as visually entertaining as it is fun for casual poker players, then Governor of Poker 2 or 3 is best for you. These apps take you to the Wild West, to a virtual world with cowboy characters and classic swinging-door saloon bars.  In being so centred on rich illustration and role playing, the game lets players join the card table against real opponents from around the world in a number of different settings such as Vegas or Texas. Enjoy a game of Texas Hold’Em or BlackJack in this app that is full of character and atmosphere.

Appeak Poker

This sleek and lightweight poker app is straight to the point with less frill and more pure poker. Though Appeak Poker targets more serious players, the app is nonetheless appropriate for casual players or starting at a beginner level. The level of difficulty will match your ability, with a competitive leaderboard that helps you keep track of your score. The poker app is free to download with 7,000 chips awarded to each player daily. As for the social aspect – you’ll represent your country with an avatar and flag, and have the option of chatting to opponents through a simple messaging feature. If you want a realistic and straight-forward game of poker then this is the without a doubt the best app.

Zynga Poker

The name alone lets you know that this is a great poker app. Zynga are behind an impressive number of successful game titles, from Facebook’s FarmVille to Words with Friends. Zynga’s poker app has gained equal popularity as a fun way to participate in the card game with friends or strangers. The app has a ‘fast fold’ variant called Jump Poker for when you’re looking for a quick game. The app is free to download but offers the option of playing with real cash. Since Zynga Poker benefits from huge traffic even compared to some of the biggest real money poker sites, you’ll never have to wait to find a game.

World Poker Club

This poker app may initially come across as nothing special – but it has one defining feature that really sells it. Using a touch-based gesture system, a player is able to take action just by double tapping, flicking and dragging. Once you get used to it, World Poker Club allows for smooth and speedy play. This one may be a little on the heavy side, but it’s one of the biggest free-to-play poker apps out there.


This app was created by a poker pro called Max Silver. Technically, SnapShove is more of a tool than it is a game – but a tool that is very well worth downloading if you’re serious about poker. The free variant gives you an odds calculator along with strategy training. It’s a great way to get some beginner tips or simply brush up on what you already know. The paid version unlocks a great deal more training and an advanced calculator that is sure to improve your game.


From the same people who brought you Governor of Poker comes an app that focuses on big tournaments in modern day settings. Choose between playing at the famous Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Macau or any other of the famous casino settings replicated in the game.

PokerWorld offers lots of perks – such as a huge welcome pack, the ability to play online, competitive leaderboards and a visually pleasing layout that contributes to a glamorous feeling. This app is perhaps a little too much frill for those who only care about the poker itself, but otherwise makes for a fantastically entertaining and addictive app.

World Series of Poker

Anyone who knows anything about poker will be well aware that the annual World Series of Poker is the biggest poker event in the world. Entering the tournament is easy (the latest one attracted almost 21,000 participants), but surviving into the final days is a different matter. Luckily you can test your durability in the official WSOP app – designed by none other than gaming giants EA! The poker app reflects the structure of the real tournament, with the ability to win WSOP bracelets and other titles.

Jackpot Poker

PokerStars is the biggest online poker site in the world, so it should come as no surprise that the brand’s own app is satisfyingly robust and comprehensive. Rather than focus on a traditional game of Texas Hold’Em, this app lets players partake in a three-person Jackpot game (similar to the Sit & Go games on PokerStars). If you’re looking for a poker app that is action-packed and inherently strategic, look no further.


Most of the aforementioned apps focus on Texas Hold’Em – but not everyone prefers that particular variant of poker. Open-Face Chinese Poker is an equally appropriate game for playing on your device, and Pineapple! is one of the best apps for doing just that. Play for free, enjoy the great look of the game, and kill some hours with the timeless poker variant.

Share My Pair

You can be sure that a poker app is worth your consideration when one of the biggest poker pros of all time tweets about it. Just like SnapShove, this app should be regarded more as a tool than a game. By entering data, Share My Pair will display a visual representation of a poker hand which can then be shared through social media. For serious players who like discussing poker as much as they like playing it, Share My Pair is a good way to…well, share your pair!

These are hundreds of poker apps for your Android or Apple device – hopefully this list will make it a little easier to find the one the best fits your player style and preferences. Play from anywhere at anytime with one of these great apps – and be thankful you don’t have to worry about your poker face!