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Terrific Teams – 5 Smart Ways to Build Morale in the Workplace

Every business owner dreams of a happy, healthy team of workers who operate at peak efficiency as soon as they arrive to work. However, with both internal and external influences, that’s not always the reality.

Your workers will only be as good as their environment, so it’s essential to put every effort into laying the foundations for their (and your) success. Here’s how to build morale in the workplace when you need it the most:

Corporate Gifts

Sometimes, all it takes to show your team that you care are thoughtful and tasteful corporate gifts. Every now and again, take the time to treat them to branded products that can benefit both you and them. You get the rewards of brand recognition, while they get something useful.

For example, a branded reusable coffee cup will always be valuable in an office environment. You could even branch out into apparel, with beanies and caps an appropriate gift for different times of the year.

Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are not going to work for every business or company. Take Walmart, for example. With over 2.3 million employees, it would be impossible to bring them together for games and activities. However, if you have a small company or business, then there’s no reason why such exercises couldn’t benefit your business.

Workers that only interact at work can now get to know each other on a more personal level to make the workplace a happier and more fulfilling place to be. Activities can be in the office or out in the community, such as mini golf, rock climbing, or a pottery class.

Celebrate Achievements

Workers who feel valued are happier, more productive, and remain with companies longer than those who don’t, according to research. A way to make them feel valued and boost morale in the process is to celebrate their achievements.

Offer rewards and incentives to reach goals, and make a point of making a fuss over workers who always go the extra mile. You’ll then find yourself with a tight-knit team that’s hungry for success and recognition.

Work for Good

Many companies such as Google and Apple have started allowing their workers to do their part for charity. In 2019, Google even set a goal of donating 50,000 hours of pro-bono work to those who needed it.

Charity initiatives benefit many different groups. The charity gets the value of the helping hand, the business receives the recognition, and the worker enjoys fulfillment in their job and life. They also get to change up their routine from time to time, which can be as beneficial as a holiday.

Offer Wellbeing Initiatives

Around one million people don’t turn up to work every day because they are stressed. Even from 1996 to 2000, employee stress figures tripled. While it’s hard to know what influences those feelings, it’s clear there’s a problem in the average workplace. You can lead the way and combat it.

Wellbeing initiatives can be anything from paid mental health days to accessible mental health services funded by the company. Your workers don’t need to take you up on it, but they’ll appreciate that it’s there.

Morale is severely lacking in the modern day workplace, and it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause or causes. If you want to get on top of the problem before it affects your profitability, then try out these ideas above. You never know, you may find the winning recipe for tackling the problem is with a combination of them all.