Is Larry June part of Nerd Culture?

Romanticizing Nerd Culture It’s the archetype you never knew you would be attracted to; nerd culture is the wave. With the increase of anime references in hip hop, the female video-gamers-coming-out-of-the-closet movement and newly found sapiosexuals we watch the trend for interacting with a smarter more intellectually stimulating person take off. Is nerdiness romanticized or […]

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Brunch – The New Staple of Black Bougie Excellence

Brunch has always been a thing. There’s nothing to not like about a savory and sweet mix of breakfast and lunch like the classic Chicken and Waffles combo. Show me a person that doesn’t enjoy a good Mimosa and I’ll show you an extraterrestrial. But, what is this new-found obsession with brunching amongst the New […]

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