Clean Eating Guide

An easy to-pick-up-and-go clean eating guide (sample menu included) Clean eating series is focused on lean eating habits that compliment a high intensity and active workout schedule. The main objective is to eat only as much as you need to power your days. Any more than that is unnecessary and could be considered a weight-gaining […]

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Your One Hour per day Gym Routine isn’t Enough

Look. I’m over fitness experts and their faux sense of reality. You know the type.. perfect 8 pack zero percent body fat internet trainers that say “eat your fruits and veggies” and “workout for an hour a day and your could look like me” types. Raise your hand if you’ve been taking that advice and […]

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Self-Care 411

When you hear the term “self-care,” what comes to mind? A bubble bath? A facial? It’s easy to get drawn into things that make you feel good in the name of self-care. Everyone loves a good massage, or indulging in their favorite dessert. While taking care of your physical body is very necessary, there are […]

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