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Surfing the Best US Waves

All of us have favorite outdoor or travel activities, and it’s possible to have two people who love travel and love outdoor adventure but otherwise have nothing else in common. One of the amazing benefits of travel and being active outdoors is just how many options there are out there. If you love surfing this means the perfect road trip stars with an RV rental and planning out the road trip that will let you hit many of the best surfing destinations in the United States.

East Coast Haunts

There are definitely some places that stick out on the East Coast as being surfing friendly. Ocean City, NJ is known nationally for their surfer friendly waves and as being the East Coast location where many professional surfers emerged from. If you haven’t checked out what the Garden State has to offer, you’ve been missing out.

Virginia Beach, VA, is considered the birthplace of surfing on the East Coast and for good reason. Right up there with Ocean City, this location offers consistent waves, a variety of areas that can challenge advanced surfers, and is even currently home to the East Coast Surfing Championship. Another great choice for surfing fans on the East Coast.

Kitty Hawk, NC is located on the Outer Banks and the area famous for the Wright Brothers successful flights on the early airplane is also known for creating some powerful East Coast swells that keep surfers in the area coming back from more. Definitely worthy of a stop if you’re traveling up and down the East Coast.

There are many places to surf in Florida, but New Smyrna Beach offers some of the most consistent and reliable breaks in all the state, making it an extremely popular and reliable stop for anyone wanting to catch some waves and not be disappointed by an unusually calm day.

California’s Fantastic Fare

Ocean Beach outside of San Francisco requires you hitting it at the right time. While there is almost always good surfing options there, about five or six times a year the beach breaks are stunning on a level that brings in the best locals, visiting professionals, and more. The OB, at its best, offers some of the best beachbreak surfing in the world, so keep your ear to the ground on when the waves are really coming in!

Rincon off of Santa Barbara is not for the introverts among the group. Often extremely crowded, this beach is often called “The Queen of the Coast” in California and while that description will scare off some people, when you do catch some high quality waves on your own they are just incredible and create an experience that brings hundreds of surfers back willing to risk the crowds to find that awesome surfing experience.

Finally, take a look at Black’s Beach in San Diego. Benefiting from a submarine canyon that is just a little bit offshore, this beach magnifies the natural swells and creates fun waves even when the water is relatively flat and very big waves when the water isn’t. This is a popular spot and one that pays big dividends to surfers.

East Coast or West Coast you have plenty of surfing options when it comes to catching the best surf towns in the U.S.