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Steps to Building a Unique Inground Pool

More and more people are starting to install swimming pools on their properties nowadays, and for good reason too. Having your own swimming pool at home makes for quick and easy relaxation, exercise, and entertainment. If you need a basic pool with no unique characteristics, the easiest choice is an above ground pool, which usually comes in certain shapes and sizes. However, if you want something with a special, one-of-a-kind look and feel, then you should build an inground pool. Here are the basics of how you can make your swimming pool vision a reality.

Choose the Type

First, decide on what kind of pool you want. Most people mainly use concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass for the custom pools Melbourne houses now sport. If you want the most flexibility for your design, the highly versatile concrete may be your best choice. It can be made into any shape or size, and it has can last for decades with good maintenance.

Check Your Costs

There are near countless factors that play a role in the cost of installing an inground pool. Some of these are the type of soil, the area you live in, the materials you use, the manpower you require, the circulation system, and other accessories. Think about the long term costs as well. Discuss this with the pool builder and see if they will also handle the maintenance. Finding out what can minimise maintenance efforts can greatly help you to reduce your expenses in the long run.

Check on Local Regulations

You can’t just build a swimming pool in your backyard. Depending on where you live, specific building codes and zoning regulations apply. The way you plan to build the pool will also determine the regulations you need to adhere to. You must make sure that the contractors you hire and you as the homeowner go by the book. Contact your local council to find out about this and keep them involved in and notified about the project. Failing to do this can earn you serious legal problems and fines.

Choose the Placement

You should make this decision with the help of your contractor. Generally, an ideal spot will have plenty of sunshine, as few trees nearby as possible, and shielding from strong winds. Most importantly, for safety reasons, you should have the pool in a place that you can see from inside the house, and there should be no nearby electrical wires, telephone lines, underground sewer lines, or electrical cables. Do not build your pool in a low-lying spot. This could lead to flooding and contamination after a bad storm.

Choose the Circulation System

It is important to opt for the best types of sanitation liquids and filters, not just for the purposes of keep your pool clean and safe, but also to conserve water. For instance, if every Melbourne pool had cartridge filters, billions of litres of water could be saved each year.

Work on the Design with the Builder

You may have a great design for the pool, but you have to make sure it is really doable and practical. Work closely with the pool building company and come up with a realistic and affordable design and plan.

These are the key steps to getting your own unique inground swimming pool. In a few weeks’ time, you’ll be basking in the sun by the poolside.