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Space Case Grinder Review (Features, Pros, Cons)

Looking for an herb grinder with the best feature/s is a challenge. However, though there are already a vast number of herb grinders lurking around, the Space Case Grinder is one that has always been included in the top list of online weed grinder shops. What makes this particular grinder belong to the top list? Read further down into this Space Case Grinder review, as we walk you through its feature details.


It has always been part of people’s judgement to consider the features of a certain product before buying it. Just like the general basis of buying, looking for the right herb grinder for you should also take into consideration the factors such as what follows herein:



In the world of herb grinders, one of the factors that makes an herb grinder a step higher than the other is with its material. The material is what makes the durability of the grinder. This particular grinder is made of titanium. With this type of material, the grinder will surely not rust. This one makes one excellent feature of a grinder. Since the anodized titanium is non-stick, cleaning the grinder comes very easy. Unlike the most grinder’s material today, the aluminum, the titanium hard anodized finish is more durable compared to its competitors.

Aside from that, it has magnetic lids as well. With this, if ever you accidently drop the grinder, it will not spill any of the precious kief stored in the grinder. The strong magnet from the lids will ensure that the lids will be attached to each other.


When it comes to the overall design of the Space Case Grinder, it has a black titanium look that makes it stand out among others. This will surely be envied by other herb grinder users. The design is not solely focused on its appearance, it also has been designed to go perfectly with precision cut as well, in a great manner. This grinder is composed of four pieces with a 3.5” diameter size. With its size, you will surely save time grinding your herb, as you may be able to fit a lot in just one load. This grinder will definitely provide the best grinding needs that you would want. The good thing about Space Case Grinder is having variety of options. You may opt for 2-piece grinder of have it by 4-piece compartment, depending on your choice.

Now, let us go with its teeth. Just like the other high-end herb grinders, the Space Case Grinder is one that had diamond-shaped grinding teeth. With this kind of teeth, you will definitely have the finest kush out from your herb as it will never get dull as promised.

Another positive point with regard to this grinder is having a special screen, that when the grinding is already done, then all the residue will go through it. The residue will be put in a tray located at the bottom of the Space Case Grinder. This is the kief catcher, which is one of the key of having a good performance. Aside from that, it has Teflon grade O-rings that will keep the grinder for years.



How a grinder grinds depends on the materials and as well as the design of the grinder. With Space Case Grinder, it has both the best materials and design. The teeth is very sharp which makes a smooth movement whenever you turn the grinder. The outcome from the grinding will be perfect for your vaporizing and rolling needs as well.


Now, let us talk about the price. With the feature that it possess, is the price of the Space Case Grinder just right? Well, this grinder is expected to cost higher than the regular, common grinders. However, the price is worth it since you will be able to make use of the grinder for long years, as what it promises. With this grinder, you will definitely be paying for the quality that this grinder have.


Definitely, the Space Grinder has the best features that all of it are positive. It has the best durability as it is made with anodized titanium. It also comes in variety where you can choose if you would want to have the 2-piece grinder or the 4-piece. Most of all, the concise grinding is a give away.


This Space Case Grinder review is just one of those that agrees and believes with the overall performance when it comes to grinding. The only drawback that we can point out is the price, which is higher than other high-end herb grinders as well.


Materials: 5 / 5

Design:                 4 / 5

Performance: 4 /5

Price: 2 / 5