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Some Destinations in Labuan Bajo Tourism

Labuan Bajo is located in eastern island of Indonesia. This is on the western area of Flores. This town is a peaceful place where most of the people are fishermen. This is also great fishing site with several facilities for tourism. In this case, of course labuan bajo tourism is not only about its fishing site. In fact, the main tourism destination about this site is the existence of Komodo dragon. Komodo dragon is the largest and biggest lizard living on earth and it is called also the living prehistoric lizard. This lizard can be found in the great national park close to Labuan Bajo. Of course, this national park is not the only things to find. There are still many other things to find in the area of Labuan Bajo.

The first and most important destination in labuan bajo tourism is Komodo National Park. This island has the unique and exotic animal called Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis). This is a very rare animal and this national park is the home of this largest and biggest lizard. Because of that, UNESCO declared Komodo National Park as the World Heritage Site in 1986. The park is not located in the single island, but there are three major island and they are Komodo, Rinca, and Padar. There are also many small islands. It is estimated that there are 2,500 komodos living in this national park. The size of komodo is around three meters for its length and 90 kg for the weight. That is the points that make komodo becomes the biggest and largest lizard. In this case, existence of komodos are not the only things to enjoy in this island. There are also many other things to find.

  • Komodos are carnivore, so there are also other animals living in this island and they can be found around the whole national park. There are monkeys, snakes, and various types of birds. There are also horses, wild buffalo, deer, and even wild boar.
  • The national park has awesome natural view. There are savannas, rain forest and white beaches. The good things are those views are still so natural, so it is great chance to interact with nature.
  • The good things about the beaches in this national park are not only about the white sands and the view of sea. It is possible to do activities such as diving and snorkeling. There are beautiful corals and marine life. The sea biotica under the Komodo National Park is claimed as one of the best site for diving. There are many species of sponges, sharks, stingrays, dolphins even whales.

Then, alternative of labuan bajo tourism is Pink Beach. As its name, the beach has pink color. This is a great beach to visit. It is one of the seven pink beaches in the world. The pink color in this beach comes from the microscopic animals. They are called Foraminifera and they produce red pigment and they make the coral reefs become red. This can be romantic beach to visit and of course, the pink sands will be great site to make a lot of photos and unforgettable experience.  Diving and snorkeling is possible to do since the  water hides the great beauty.