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Solve the problem of harvesting nuts with the nut gathering tool

Pros and cons of the nut collector tool

You will never go wrong with the nut picker upper – provided it is bought in the right place and supplied with a lifetime warranty.  The conventional nut collector tool consists of a telescopic steel handle, at the end of which there is a cage of flexible stainless steel. This cage can easily be switched from the assembled to unloading shape – in a single turn of the special hook all the gathered nuts will go right into a pail.
Posting imagesWhy stainless steel, in the first place? Primarily, this material is deal for food: it does not corrode, thus not leaving rusty stains or reacting with food products.

With this extremely durable instrument, you can harvest your nuts year after year, without the cage bending or acquiring slackness. However, should you experience a need to replace damaged wires, the design of the nut picker upper permits you to do this with great ease.

Finally, you can find pleasure in picking up nuts from your garden without bending or crouching! No more pain in the back due to hours of collecting pecans and walnuts with bare hands! And as seldom as you can see a nut collector tool owner harvesting in a crouched position, the nut gathering tool also removes the problem of ever-dirty hands. Now you can trust your child with gathering those nuts hidden in wet grass – without fearing that he or she will harm their hands or knees!

The really useful nut gathering tool

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The nut picker upper is used with a simple rolling movement; roll it over the ground covered with fallen nuts or fruits. The smart cage collects only what it is meant for, leaving aside leaves and branches.

It also allows you to empty the harvested fruits in a bucket without stooping – thanks to the hook that spreads the wires of the rolling cage. And again the nut picker upper is empty, ready for you to continue the harvesting!

Quite a lot of gardeners have found the nut gathering tool to be useful for yet another fruit – the cider apple. The process of harvesting those tiny apples was once by hand only and quite labor-intensive. The rolling collector tool mechanises and eases up the cider apple routine, in this way increasing productivity and profitability. Never again will autumn mean a backbreaking period for a number of gardeners!

The nut gatherer picks up small apples effortlessly – as well as pears, hard plums, cherry plums and apricots. Let the cage roll over those fruits – the nut collector tool is clever enough to allow you to work all day without getting tired. You will discover that picking up fruits and nuts is actually a pleasurable activity.

Productivity is not a vexing question anymore – farmers report to harvest about 300 kg of fruits in an hour when using the nut picker upper in their orchards. Time to fill up your pantries with delicious and wholesome nuts!